[WatchFace] Apollo 11 - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Watch ( updated )

Apollo 11 - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Watch

( TicWatch S2 Glacier )

This Apollo 11 watch commemorates the 50th anniversary of first landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969.

Pride of place in the bottom centre of the watch is a view of the moon through a reconstruction of the command module’s Crew Optical Alignment Sights (COAS). In 1969 this was a key tool for confirming correct navigation, on this watch the COAS shows the moon as it changes phase during the month and the outer progress bar indicates the degree of illumination.

Other features of the watch include an equation of time dial ( top ), watch battery and steps dials and digital LCDs values for ( clockwise from top left ) hours, sunrise, sunset, minutes, steps, date, month and battery charge %.

I hope you enjoy this commemorative watch.

ps. This is my entry in the TicWatch competition - “Space” category

{ update: the issue with the LCD font not displaying correctly has been solved for this watch face ( see long thread below!) }


Hello again. Superb face. I still have problems, though. And I asked a friend with a Ticwatch to try it and send me a photo. On my watch and in the app, it looks strange, all the boxes are empty. I need to turn on my pc to upload photos, brb.

Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.

Very strange though …

This face was built, and works fine, on the TicWatch ( ticwatch.facer.io ) platform so I assumed that if it worked there it would work on a TicwWatch

This is what it looks like in the developer and the entry for the hour text as you can see is very simple

I checked the Facer app and it is the same for me, all of the LCD fields are blank. However, if I send the face to my watch form the app the face works fine on my Samsung.


Remind me again, which model do you have? I will post a question in the competition thread to see if anyone knows what the problem is.

PC is on. I Have a Huawei W1. I don’t have this problem with other faces, that is the strange part. Here are the photos:

As soon as my friend wakes up and tries the face, I will post his photo. Thank you.

Thanks I will try to figure it out.

I received an email from you, I think it is not intended for me :slight_smile:

I did not intend to send an email - what did it say?

"Hi Marcus

There appears to be a problem somewhere between the TicWatch platform and the App, can you help?

A user has told me that my competition design does not work on his watch ( Huawei W1) and that all of the “LCD” fields on the watch and in the App are blank. He sent a photo of his watch and I checked and he is right about both."

I can send it to you in private, if you want, is longer than that.

Thanks, no idea how that ended up as mail. It is not in my sent box. What you seem to have is a copy of a post in the related thread on the TicWatch competition. No idea how that got sent to you - sorry!

See: TicWatch S2&E2 Design Contest Week 1 Theme

No worries, it is important that it reaches the intended person. Yes, it looks like a notification, more than like an email.

Thanks for the clarification - it is a load off knowing I am not sending random emails!!

I’ll let you know if I get the problem resolved. It is looking, at least to me, like a font issue with the TicWatch development platform. Sorry again that the watchface does not work for you.

I am still waiting for my friend with the Ticwatch to wake up (is just 9:34 here), and I will keep you posted. I really like a lot this face, I’d like to use it daily.

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I will keep trying to get it fixed with the current fonts on the TicWatch platform - ultimately, if that is not possible, I will rebuild on the Facer platform and hopefully that will fix the problem.

Having said that, It just occurred to me; we can test to see if your issue is the same as the one that the APP is having. My other recent designs have identical text displays using the same font and they display correctly on the APP. If you get a chance, can you test one of my other designs? These two have the same text displays:

If these work then the problem is a common one. If not, then your watch may have a particular issue with my faces :frowning:

Sure, in a moment.
Here is the first one:

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And the second one:

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Cool. They seem to be working ok! Thanks for that.

So, it looks like you may be just suffering from the same problem that the App is. When I get past that problem I will let you know.

Cheers …

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Here is the Ticwatch E with the face:

Ok, I think I found and fixed the problem with my watch face by replacing the system font with a custom one.

It displays correctly on the Facer App now and preview below looks ok.

Can you check to see if it has fixed the issue for you please?

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Now in the app looks ok, on the watch… Same empty boxes… I will restart the watch.

Darn, I was sure I had fixed it!

It looks ok on the App and now the font displays correctly on my watch ( I discovered that it was not displaying correctly on my watch either ).