[Watchface] Atomic Clock

This face challenged me to revisit maths I had not used for many years… :nerd_face:
Took a while, but eventually the cobwebs cleared (with Google’s help) to figure out how to describe the rotated ellipses in x & y terms. :slight_smile:

Nowhere near the complexity of other faces that I have seen, but I subscribe to the less is more principal.

Comments welcome.


What formulae did you use for the three ellipses?

See: Can I get some advice on a Second Hand

The “middle” ellipse (minutes) is the easy one.
It is just a variation of orbiting an element in a circle around the centre, as already described in the thread referenced above. (A circle is a “symmetrical” ellipse).

So my minutes ellipse:
X: (160 + cos((#DWFMS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 52)
Y: (160 + sin((#DWFMS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 150)

The other 2 are -45° & 45° rotations of the same ellipse.
The trick is to describe them in terms of X & Y of the original Cartesian plane.
Google found this to help me:

x = x​′ ​​cos θ − y​′​ ​sin θ​
​y = x​′​​ sin θ + y ​′​​cos θ​​

Plugging the X & Y formulas for the first ellipse (substituting #DWFMS# with #DWFSS# to get seconds) into the equations above for 45° rotation, yields the following for the seconds ellipse:

X: (160 + (cos((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * cos(45) * 52) - (sin((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * sin(45) * 150))
Y: (160 + (cos((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * sin(45) * 52) + (sin((#DWFSS# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * cos(45) * 150))

Same for the hours ellipse, but rotated -45°

BTW the face is open for inspection.
Hope this helps others. :smiley:


Also see this thread:
Dot that move like seconds

And for more background on on the maths describing ellipses:

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I don’t see minutes and seconds on my Huawei Watch 2.

What does not display? The minute and seconds text or the “electrons” travelling along the minutes and seconds ellipses?

The text.

But the hours do show? That is very strange indeed.
Do other Facer watch faces with digital time work on your watch?

I checked the design and noticed that for some reason I had ‘glow’ (10) effect turned on for the hours.
I doubt if this will be noticeable on a black background, but since hours was the only field showing on your watch, I enabled ‘glow’ for minutes and seconds as well and republished the face.

Please sync to your watch again and let us know if this makes a difference.
If not, the Facer team will need to assist; there is nothing special in this face for the digital time; just plain tags without any conditions or calculations.


In dimmed mode is the same, minutes and seconds text are missed.

So the glow effect change did not help :frowning:

I noticed another difference between hours and minutes/seconds, so one more try…
The Hours was a Digital time field with the minutes tags removed, while the minutes and seconds fields were text fields with the appropriate tags inserted.
I have now replaced the text fields for minutes and seconds with digital time fields, modified appropriately, all without glow effect.
If this works, it points to a possible Facer bug with text fields not showing on the Huawei Watch 2.
Please sync the face to your watch again.

Same as before. But…I’m getting the face from the ones you have published in your page. Am I getting the right updated one?

Yes, I only have one “Atomic Clock” published which I updated. You should have the right one.

I think it is time to call in @Facer_Official to help.
I am not sure if mentioning them here is sufficient, but all the detail regarding the problem is in this thread.
If a support call is required it might be best for you to log it since I cannot reproduce the problem without a Huawei Watch 2 (works 100% on my Galaxy Watch and no other user has reported a problem).

At what deep level are those text? con you move them on top of all other layers?

(ah… the AM/PM text is missed too)

That was the first thing I checked; hours, minutes, seconds are almost at the top. Only the orbiting “electron” dots are above.
The face is open for inspection if you want to take a look yourself (Rocketship icon from JCS Atomic Clock).

@adriano I assume you have not had any contact from Facer regarding your issue with this face.

As a very last resort, I have now moved the digital time fields to the very top, with seconds and minutes even above hours (which does show on your watch) and updated it again.

Please sync to your watch again.
I do not know what else to try. Sorry.

I still hadn’t time to look at your face. But now, I look at it and it works!!! :slight_smile:
Only AM/PM text is still missed, but it doesn’t matter to me, I use always 24H format.

Thanks for the feedback @adriano. Glad it is working for you at last! :+1: :smiley:

Still very strange, since there was nothing obscuring the minutes & seconds fields/layers and it worked 100% in the Creator and on my and other watches.
Might still be worth logging a support call with Facer for this.

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