[WatchFace] Converge (published)

Hi y’all, just trying out a wildly different concept than my usual “mainstream” stuff. I have only found one other design like it, so this may not be too popular. Then again, I’m not in it for the clicks. I like creating and wearing designs that take the user out-of-the-box.

The dial rotates in a zoomed in style fashion, with the hour hand moving around the center point. The seconds are displayed on the end of the hour hand. Oh yeah, this is a single hand watch, so the tickmarks are indexed by hour, half hour and ten minutes intervals.

Seeing how I doubt I will make this a premium, I plan to make several variants sporting different color themes and possibly adding in some complications. I just want to be careful not to ruin the overall visual effect.

Please let me know if this is showing signs of instability or any other form of user-unfriendliness on specific watch platforms, such as Wear OS-based watches. Wow, I say a lot of nothing, don’t I?



Nice, I also like (and build) unconventional faces. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible to sync an unpublished face like this to a watch? If it is, then I am missing how to do so and thus cannot sync the face to see if it is stable on my hardware.

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@mountain_lion, I wish I knew the answer to your question, but I do not.

Guess we will have to wait for you to publish the face then… :thinking:

I like this design, I would not add too much stuff to it, it looks clean and simple, and (in my opinion) should stay that way.


Now published! Please enjoy!


Interesting idea and clean execution!

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Thank you, @kvansant.

simply awesome !!!

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Synced and running smooth on my Galaxy Watch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will be nice if you can incorporate the date on the face somehow without spoiling the nice clean look it has at present.


Thank you very much, @jeberuth!

@mountain_lion, I am so glad you like it! I want to add more complications such as the date and phone battery, so I will be conducting further experimentation. It’s the mad scientist in me that drives my motives.

I like that. I bet it will be synced by many because of its unique, simple, clean design.

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Really good work!

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@Linlay, @GAUSS, thank you both! I enjoy making these, so it will be the icing on the cake if this becomes popular,

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So I’ve been using this watchface for a day now and i like it. only thing i would like is if you’d show minutes instead of seconds in that circle (and perhaps a way to show 24h clock).

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@ThaMattie, thanks for the feedback. I am always looking to improve my products, so I will take your suggestions into consideration for upcoming releases.

24hr clock should be a separate face - requires a 24h dial.
For me the seconds make more sense in the circle as is. Minutes can be read from the face; shoving minutes into your face with a digital display detracts from the subtlety.

Having the date available, will make this face fully functional for me.
Perhaps by using/adapting the principle discussed here:

Day in month is a must have, month is preferred and weekday is a nice to have. :slight_smile:

:upside_down_face: i guess that is why you need variations of the same watchface… everyone finds something else important (i dont need a date on my watch for example)

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My general rule is I want time, date, and battery level at minimum. But some designs do in fact look better without one or more of those elements. I think this is one of those that is best to leave it minimal to let the novelty of the movement do all the talking.

My entire aesthetic influence comes from the mechanical watch world, where even though on the very high end of things so much is mechanically possible, sometimes still a time-only watch is the most beautiful thing.


I did a quick test (with just facer elements) to create one incorporating the minutes and battery, something like this would work for me (didn’t try 24h, because facer doesn’t have that by default):