Day of the week text circle

A white text “day of the week” circle.

Download 640x640px PNG file below:

The expression to show the current day at the top of the circle is:

Rotation: (-(#DOW#/7)*360)

Below is a template for the day text display window:



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Nice & Helpful.
It should also be avail in the tuts section.


Thank you! My first complication :relaxed:

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You are most welcome. I look forward to seeing how you use it :slight_smile:

That’s it so far, thank you very much :slight_smile:
It’s a ways from being finished but the general idea is to make it easy to view for people that use readers (like myself).
Next step is to learn how to show only the current day (hide the other 6 days). And I’m hunting for a tutorial about how to make my own day circles because that’s a great way to make a watch face look better.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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In this case to onlyshow one weekday you will need a graphics program like photoshop or gimp to cut off the windows and set the weekday wheel behind.
Such Day cyles can be done with the same software. Some use as well illustrator or powerpoint


Make a copy of your face background with the tickmarks and all, then cut a hole where the current day is and put that image on a layer above the circle with all of the days.


Thanks this sounds easy enough. Learning… slowly learning.

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Looking good, a nice start!

Great advice from the guys above. It is great that you are setting out how to learn how to edit your own images.

I don’t know how you would do it in other applications but if they are similiar to Photoshop, the way I would cut out the window in the layer that goes above the other days is:

  • create the cover layer as mentioned above and adding what ever detail you want on it
  • with the “magic wand” selection tool ( or similar ) select all of the pixels that make up the date window. You should end up with a selection that is the same shape as the window but it will look a little larger due the feathering of the edge ( it fades gradually to invisibility ).
  • now, keeping the selection, change to your new cover layer, re-feather the selection to make sure that the edges are smooth, and delete/cut the selection from your layer.

Now that you have your cover layer, the order of layes would be is:

bottom: background layer ( needed because it may be possible to see throught the edges of the overlapping feathered edges between the day window and your new layer ). You can just rely on the background colour for this if you want but only if the colour matches your face. Otherwise, you will need to put a new layer here ( you could simply duplicate the top layer and use that ).

2nd layer: day window

3rd layer: day circle

top layer: your new layer

If the cut-out in your layer turns out to be too small/large then just repeat as above but expand/shrink the final selection before you cut out the window in your layer.

I hope that helps.



Thanks Mike, I appreciate the help!
I’ve decided to try to learn the basics of Illustrator. Photoshop I know how to use to edit photos but doing graphics work is not in my wheelhouse… yet :relaxed:
I’ve made some small changes to the design, which can be seen above.
Thanks again everyone


Being a total noob to all of this, I’m now on a cool learning curve thanks guys, and big thanks to Mrantisocialguy ,for pointing me in the right directions, much appreciated :grinning: