WatchFace Limitation for Snapdragon <4100+ Vs W5+Gen1

Hello! I own a Xiaomi Smartwatch2 pro with W5+ Gen1. I was willing to use this face: SI Design - SI | RELAX - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer but it’s written not available. I’ve searched the reason why in docs and found that reason could be that limitation is for proc under Snap 4100+
But the W5+ is the next generation, so someone could tell me why is it not possible to use this face and where is my error ? :thinking:

Thank you in advance for your help! :vulcan_salute:

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If your watch is not on Facer List of Compatible Watches that is it I am Afraid .
Basically You are looking at watches that have the WOS System on them . The Processor and Generation are Irrelevant .


First, thanks a lot for your answer.

Then, my (secret) hope was that this not compatible watch categorisation was a lake of update as this proc ans watch are fairly new. So I was hopping to read that there was , somewhere, a request to make about a possible update of this list :innocent:

Anyway, as my hope is still alive, you mention that WOS System is more relevant than Generation, ok, but I’m still thinking that, as far as I know, the W5+ has same but more capabilities than Snap4100+ , Do you know where I could find this information, if this WOS System is present in the news W5+ ?
By the way, to show how short is my knowledge… what is WOS System ?

Thank you for the time passed to help me.

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WOS . Is Wear Operating Sysetem . This is the Operating system that many watches use but not all . These Days Watches coming from China have thier own in house operating system on board . Some Older watches that Run Tizen Samsung In house operating System are compatible . I will try chech your watch if you have given the Full model details . Facer have a list of compatible Watches .
I see from your profile that you have a Facer Face on your watch so to me it look like you are sorted .



Thanks. Yes, my Xiaomi Watch2pro is under WearOS 3.5 and I can download and use many WatchFace from Facer. It’s great, but some watch face, like the one I’ve given the link in my first post, isn’t allowed and that’s why I wrote this post.

My watch have a compatible OS, seem to have a newer and more powerful proc, so why can’t I use it ? In the help of Facer, the explanation seem to be that to be functional, the proc must be >Snap4100+ and, I think (but not certain) that the one in XiaomiWatch2pro is better so why ?

Yes, of course, I could survive without those Wfaces but if it’s only a matter of update of Facer database, it would be sad (for me) to not be able to use these WFace with no real reason.


That watch face is a premium watch face:

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 11.39.15

The yellow star indicates that. You would need a premium subscription for that one…


Yes, you're right, it' a premium Wface. But, for available premium WFace, the button to get the WFace is not grey, it's yellow and Get Premium is printed on. In the same way, when it's free, the color of the button is blue and send to watch is printed or in popup. Here, in my case, the button is in grey and Not Available is printed.

So, what you said is right but that's not my first problem, my first problem is to know or to be sure that my Watch is incompatible with this WFace... about what I doubt for the reasons explained in my previous post.
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Question . Which Browser are you using ? Try clearing the Browsers cached files . Something got stuck . However if you have not got a Premium Account you will never get the Face regardless of the Colour of the Synchronisation Badge . The Maker might have been Updating it . A Grey Sync badge usually means the Face is in Draft Mode and has not been published yet .


Ah ok. Got it!
I think to recall coming across that situation.
Was very strange, I think I was logged in with another account with the same browser, messed things up. Thought I had lost my subscription!

Anyway, logged out everywhere, cleaned cache, restartet browser. Haven’t had the issue again…


I doubt it would be your error. I guess it is because it uses fancy real-time 3D “shader” feature for the continuously changing background, which is supported by some of the WearOS4 watches.
Try the workaround described here (find and load the face from watch directly, not trough browser nor phone app), but still your watch may be incompatible due to OS version.


First, thanx for your answer.

Well, there is nowhere on the facer site, any mention about the version of WearOS, but it could be a good reason, despite the fact that in the help it's only written that the processor is only necessary since 4100+

Anyway, it's a good way to follow for me. But, you give me links , good links where I find, as you written, the tips to load the watchface from the watch facer app and not from the phone nor PC. And It seems to work! I've tested the one who needs to be premium but the part to test is loaded and the animation is ok. Thank you for your help. Now I'm pretty sure that the indicator "not available" is wrong for my watch and I could do otherwise to get the wface, GR8!

Thanks a lot to the other to participate to this thread.


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