Watchface not loading on some watches

I have a watch face (see below) that some users are complaining about. They say and have pictures of the watch where the background comes in (a picture of a gold flower) and the weather icon loads but nothing else. It works fine on my samsung watch and others with samsung watches say it works but I have had folks with Tizen, Fossil, Mobvoi, and Skagen Falstar say it doesn’t load. This bothers me all the more that Facer has picked my watchface to highlight in the app.

Any help would be most appreciated. I’d hate to have to take it down.



I just loaded it on my TicWatch E that I use for testing and it’s just like you described. The flower loads and the weather conditions plus the degree symbol for the temperature shows but nothing else. You’ll have to check any conditionals you have added or if you’ve used a custom font. Opening the face for inspection so others can look at it’s workings to see if anything can be found would also work.

Yep, same for me on my Fossil Carlyle (gen5)

Have a look at this thread, it might be of help.

Yes, that would be helpful. It doesn’t work on my watch either. It’s a clipart image, so I wonder if there is some strange code going on there.