[WatchFace] V-ORB : HUD dashboard

Hi all,
I’m currently working on this HUD style watch face, I’m not done on it yet and its already quite info heavy.
Just wanted to get some feedback on legibility etc.

I also have a question about the Day names on the left-hand buttons. At the moment they’re hard-coded, but is there a day of week TAG I can use so that they will be set to the user’s language?

Thanks in advance!


Now published and live.

Hi dubblebee, Can you explain how you’ve created the appearing seconds circle?


Hi @contactme001
I used a couple of techniques to get this effect.

The first is the Full Circle Indicator technique to create a ring which grows with time.

Then I placed a mask layer on top which has the shape cut-outs to create the segments.
Also, because there is a patterned background I had to use a couple of layers in between to maintain the background.

Inspection mode should be enabled if you want to view the source.

Hi dubblebee, Thanks for your response and letting me inspect the face. Keep up the good work :+1:t3:

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You’re welcome, hope it helps!

Hi - I know is waaay past the original post but I’m new to Facer and I’ve been prowling Google to find info on how to make the string of weekdays which highlight the “today” day… Can you please tell me is there any code or should I do it some other way. So far my attempts were ridiculous :frowning:

Welcome @joann77pl Can you move this message to a separate tag help topic? There you will get an answer faster and your question will be answered for sure.

Obviously :slight_smile: Sorry

Hi @joann77pl sorry for the delayed response, I haven’t checked my messages for a while.
Are you referring to the day “indicators” on the left side of this design?
If so I had to create 2 separate images for each day; 1 for the “off” state and 1 for the “on” state.
Then I control their appearance by using the opacity code e.g. for the Sunday yellow “on” indicator:

It’s not the most elegant way of doing it but I hope this answers your question.