Wear os booting animation

Hi, can someone please create a watch face like wear os circle booting animation please. Appreciate a lot. There’s a some faces but not animated.

Thanks in advance

This is as close as I have, but it don’t have the fancy animation of the dots spreading out and speeding up and slowing down. They are used as a second hand in my version.

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wooah thank you so much. this one also very cool, but booting animation with fast dots rotating i really loves. cant you edit this watch face like that ? anyway i have set this to my watch for now.

I will see if I can figure out a way to do it.

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Did this version quickly but you may be able to edit it how you want ok


I’ve tried every way I know of expanding an object on start up. Which works perfectly except It won’t spin also. It works fine on my Samsung watches, but refuses to spin on my TicWatch S2 and Fossil Carlyle. It will only expand from the center then start spinning as a second hand. I’m sure @dazstacey can figure out how to expand it from the center while it’s spinning.

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have a look is that more like what your looking for?

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hi mate if your wandering how i did these anims its quite easy but you need to ignore using the standard rotations like the second hand and use x y coordonates to place the objects where you want them i can show you how if your interested ok


I’m always open to learn something new.

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ok cool i just make another small change to the anim so it now only grows out once every min

first simple lesson

draw a circle on the screen with the shape selector

now change the x cords to
(((sin((-(#DWFSS#10-60)/180) pi))-90)+160)
and the y cords to
(((cos((-(#DWFSS#10-60)/180) pi))

this simulates a hand moving but without the need to centralise anything as the math takes care of it i will break the math down as its quite simple
(((sin((-(#DWFSS#10-60)/180) pi)) *-90) +160)
^ timing ^ ^ create radius ^distance from center ^ center of rotation


the system messes up place * before pi

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Thanks @dazstacey I’ll play around with that and see how it functions. (I tend to be a visual learner) Before I was using the conditionals for taking an image and expanding it then adding rotation, but WearOS doesn’t appear to like that way of doing it.

i learn the same way i like to play with the code until i understand how it works then i can use it how i want. but its nice to get help starting off so i can mess with working code and see what went wrong

That’s what I do sort of. If I find a code that does something like I need it to do, I start modifying it and see what parts change the way it works.

you are awesome guy,you guys are awesome, if we can use @mrantisocialguy watch numbers font with wear os boot animation, it will be a great watchface for everyone. so could you try please

you guys are awesome, if we can use @dazstacey watch face with your numbers font with wear os boot animation, it will be a great watchface for everyone. so could you try please

see what you think imade the changes ok

seems ok but, spinning is not smoothy as wear os booting animation and colors not accur

ate with booting animation. could you please check mate. appreciate a lot of your hard work

Ok i will have this finished today as i was not really working on it but will create a full animation copy for you ok

Wow thank you so much mate :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: