Weather Icons and Text - OpenWeather API Data

I was working on another Weather App style watchface design. I began playing with the Weather text and weather Icon tags: #WCCT# and #WCCI#. When I text the different text read outs I am getting the following:
01 – Clear Sky
02 – Partly Cloudy
03 – Cloudy
04 – Partly Cloudy
09 – Rainy
10 – Rainy
11 – Stormy
13 – Snow
50 – Foggy

However, when I do research on past forum topics and also the OpenWeather Site, I see the following list:
01 – Fair
02 – Few clouds
03 – Scattered clouds
04 – Broken clouds
09 – Shower rain
10 – Rain
11 – Thunderstorm
13 – Snow
50 – Mist

So there seems to be slight variations over what is available and what is displaying. Should these be updates to more closey match the OpenWeather data now that the Yahoo API was dropped? Also is any data coming through for the “night” versions of these types?

Figure: OpenWeather ICON List


Without being overly complicated, I done some additional research on the meteorological naming conventions of various condition terms. Here’s my interpretation since the OpenWeather site doesn’t explicitly give definitions. I also updated the Headers for each for better clarity:

01 – Clear Sky
“Sky condition of less than 1/8ths cloud coverage”

02 – Few Clouds
“Sky condition when between 1/8ths and 2/8ths of the sky is covered with clouds”

03 – Scattered Clouds
“Sky condition when between 3/8ths and 4/8ths of the sky is covered with clouds”

04 – Broken Clouds
“Sky condition when between 5/8ths and 7/8ths of the sky is covered with clouds”

09 – Showers
“Rain showers stop and start suddenly and vary widely in intensity, and are gone in less than an hour”

10 – Rainy
“Rain means continuous liquid precipitation in uniform intensity, with significant duration and extent”

11 – Stormy
“A storm with lightning and thunder, usually producing gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail. They are described to be usually short-lived and hit on only a small area”

13 – Snow
“Frozen precipitation composed of ice particles”

50 – Fog/Mist
“Fog - Water that has condensed close to ground level, producing a cloud of very small droplets that reduces visibility to less than one km (three thousand and three hundred feet).”
“Mist - Consists of microscopic water droplets suspended in the air, which produces a thin grayish veil over the landscape. It reduces visibility to a lesser extent than fog.”

Looking at the icons from the OW site, the only one that looks weird is the Shower Rain vs Rain. The assumption with the meteorological definition would be that “showers” would produce clouds with intermittent sun. This fits more closely to the icon for rain (10d vs 09d).

Having the 3 digit condition codes from the OpenWeather API would open up some more possibilities and fill gaps.