Weird graphics behavior Gear S3

When I triple - click to change faces on my Gear S3, the screen begins to erratically flash, making it difficult to know which face I’m looking at, and difficult to choose a new face. I have removed all downloaded faces, removed/reinstalled Facer, and even factory reset my watch, and it’s still doing it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered,


read this topic: Tizen 3.0 Update Support Megapost

Hi @sigshane, @Facer_Official, I’ve had the same issue but following recent updates it has resolved itself, at first I thought it might be a problem with my watch alone as there was no one else reporting a similar issue. Check to see if you have the latest updates for watch, Tizen and companion app, phone app and gear app. There have been some recent updates. I’d be interested to know if this solves the problem for you too

I had the same issues. My WiFi bars were also always displaying crazy strings of digits. Screen flashing has resolved but all watch faces are still displaying ‘67’ or ‘55’ bars of WiFi haha