Weird issue with faces

So, I’m finally home, playing with the settings
Disabled steps and heartrate, basically all activity

The default watch faces show the boxes for them of course but are not keeping track – and or zeros in those boxes

But, on to the problem(s)
The faces I download from here “are” tracking steps and heartrate


I’m trying to save battery by disabling this

Faces are a bit grainy too but assume that’s just the watch.

Nevermind, screen brightness was to low.


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In actuality, the watch face does not do any of the actual tracking of steps or heartrate. The watch tracks all that information inside its operating system. The watch face only polls the API on the watch itself and from there it displays the information that it receives.

Then it’s weird as it only happens with the facer faces and not the stock ones
And, it is disabled in the watch

Just wiped and reset my watch for arguments sake

Still doing it

I am having the same Issues. Reinstalled it on my Phone and Watch … Nothing

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So, just for proof, see images

Stock face, no steps or heartrate
With Facer face, Steps and heartrate


It is just my guess, but I think the general settingss you do in watch interface affects only the stock (preinstalled) faces. Facer is a separate app that displays faces and to gather the data, does access the sensors on its own. That would also explain, why the values may not exactly match the built in health apps.


Thanks for the response @petruuccios

So, I have to find someone that will design me a face that doesn’t use those sensors, or is facer always going to poll the sensors and just not show them which will still suck up the battery?

There is a way how to find out, if you are willing to experiment and give it few days. If you could not find such, I can make you 4 watchfaces (maybe not so fancy, but for comparison even the base should work), identical but for the features: one basic, one with HR, other with step counter and one with both. After a day of regular use you could compare the remaining battery charge.

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That’s an excellent idea and you already have some basic ones from the look of it to try
Bold and bold came.

Thank you

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Ok, to make comparison possible I derived new face from the camo and added steps and heart rate.

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Thank you very much
I’ll sync it tomorrow night once I get get a full day with this one.

There is an issue with this new camo face
The numbers up top that are supposed to switch back and forth between date and HR/steps wig out for lack of a better term, constantly changing and or adding up and even go off the side of the screen.
Synced back to your original for now

that is strange, they should now cycle each 3 seconds between date and steps and back, tested with max digits count to fit the black “window”.

I created a video of the face in action but facer does not allow posting them here it seems

Go to this link and download it

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BTW, just using green camo, the battery usage is much better now.
I could probably get 2 days out of it
Where as regular faces I’d be lucky to get a day, probably less

Just for grins and giggles, I synced your Camo Green face that @tom.itssos was having issues with. I used my test Fossil Carlyle gen 5 and it was “wigging out” just like Tom was saying and showing in his video. WearOS is very picky on expressions which is why I use a WearOS watch exclusively for testing. If a watch face is going to screw up, it’ll happen on WearOS for sure.


Tom, exactly what watch do you have? It kind of resembles a new Fossil Gen 6.

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Thank you for taking the time to test and verify

My watch is the Citizen, my first that I got for Christmas

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