What aspect of creating a watchface do you find most challenging?

I learned a lot about what you creators wear! You tend to use yourselves as guinea pigs for your creations and many times create what you like most - which in turn, turns out to be what many people enjoy!
Some of those designs are incredible! :star_struck:

Sooo, this brings up another question. What is the hardest part for you in the design of a watchface? I have a feeling this will get a bit technical, but I will try to follow as best I can! :crazy_face:


No, it’s not a technical answer. (At least not from me.) What I find most challenging is deciding what I want to do for my next watch face. Having been an automotive service technician for 20+ years makes me a problem solver. So, after deciding what to make, figuring out how to make it is the most fun part for me.


Yeah Technical stuff is challenging . There is always help here for Most of that . Coming up with something Different and with your own Style is Hard . One is bound to look at what others have done and then try very hard to forget it . I imagine it has all been done before but am often Surprised by something Truly Delightful .


So it is actually the creative process of coming up with something new?


Artwork & finding the time for me.


I like the question! I expect a range of answers. Mine have evolved. It used to be the hands were a big challenge. Mainly deciding on a compatible style, not so much making them. But now unless I’m being lazy and try to settle using a a hand set from a previous design, I feel like I’m better at taking cues from the dial elements to come up with something that belongs.

I’d say one prevailing challenge is knowing what to leave OUT. It’s easy to overdo it! A lot of designs I end up editing down from what I originally create. It’s the same as in music… the space is as valuable as the notes :slight_smile:

For me now the most tedious part, therefore the challenge of motivation, is the accompanying material with a published design. The promo pics and the info guides/instructions. That part is work and not really a creatively satisfying part of it all.


It’s a combination of several different things-- at least for me.

There’s the technical aspect of getting elements correctly sized/placed/etc, for example spokes around the dial placed at the correct angles, or even more messy, the spokes of a tachymeter or telemeter that I calculate precisely. Then there’s the other technical aspect of the all-important formulas, not just to get them right, but to also figure out for special circumstances, for example making a date disk visibly take 2 seconds to turn from one day to the next at midnight instead of it jumping unseen in an instant. Then there’s the artistic/creativity thing, which unfortunately for me is quite low** (being from an engineering background), which leaves me in awe seeing the extreme creative talent of others on here.

**Keep in mind most of the faces I’ve made (still yet to be published :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) are recreations of vintage/antique watches that I love (but can’t afford to get!). And out of those, every element of every recreated face was made from scratch in Photoshop-- with the exception of one commemorative watch that contains a portrait (first woman in space) where I had to incorporate the photo of just the portrait into the remainder of a recreated face.

Earlier you saw one of my original creations, the gemstone face. I learned a lot from the process of recreating my vintage faces. This helped e with the “mechanical” process of creating the gemstone face, but coming up with the artistic design itself is a different animal and for me much more difficult.


This Thread is making good reading, thank you all for your input, and thanks to you @alwaysbusy4family for creating it :clap:
It’s 3 things for me:
Firstly, like others have said, it’s coming up with the inspiration for something new/different.
Secondly is creating or finding the right graphics, and lastly, a double one really, is the correct positioning of things, plus the math behind the Tags (which I often ask help for in the Community).


I’m with a lot of others. The initial idea process gets hard after a while. When I first started I was just throwing out basic analogue and digital faces and slapping on all the basic weather, steps, heart etc.

Once I started to actually focus and try to become more creative I had several ideas but it does become harder to think of something new as you go along.

The other big one for me is not being very good at creating excellent graphic elements from scratch.


Great Question! Being involved with music, I draw parallels all the time between creating music and watchfaces! There is not much space in a watch to “squeeze in” your creativity. Also, you have just a limited amount of information to work with. That said, look at the new music that continues to be created with very limited notes. In western music there are only 12 notes between every octave but look at the vast music that was written and continues to be written. Look at all the different styles and rhythms. When you learn music theory and how to play an instrument, you begin copying what others have written before you - it becomes difficult to “create your own” music.
Creating something new and original will always be one of the challenging aspects of watchmaking or widgets for me.
The other element challenging me right now is using photoshop. With Facer, I’ve realized the importance of outside tools such as photoshop and because I had no experience with that or similar tools, I am now learning a lot from scratch. Due to this, I cannot yet create amazing graphics, 3D imaging, etc.
I will get there and I’m confident that I will learn and grow as a watchface creator. I can’t say enough how great it is to have support and help from fellow creators on this forum. I have learned much and I’m always looking forward to that next design!


“Draw parallels” – aka hit chords?! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


For me it is fight with impatience, which very often wins. If I get an idea, its hard to stay focused and not making shortcuts and not settle with some sloppy “solution”, just to have it finished quickly.


For me it’s a few things:
1.) Making the hands and backgrounds (I’m still trying to master making my own hands that look half decent).
2.) If I’m making a analog watch face with gauges, it usually takes me a while to get the hands of the gauges to move in the right direction and angle, though I have gotten better at that.
3.) Placing complications or text in the desired location. It drives me NUTS when I keep changing the position of something because my mind keeps going back and forth with decisions like the ink nozzle on a printer.
4.) Other than those few bumps, I’m not that bad of a designer (in my biased opinion :grin:).


I was expecting more answers like yours. I am amazed at the wide variety of challenges that creators go through, but minds and people are unique.

Have you found ways of coping with these challenges that are creative or just something to get you by?


That’s hard to answer, but I will say it does take to an extent some amount of creativity. A lot of the time I spend the week thinking of resolving a problem I haven’t figured out until finally, that little light bulb goes on in my head that says, “Yes! That’s it! That’s how I’ll use so & so to make this work.” It’s usually these little moments of enlightenment that help me to get past the setbacks I have when making a new design. So, again, I suppose that it’s more creativity I use rather than simply just grudging through it, but I’ll let you decide :slightly_smiling_face:.

  1. Getting on screen what I have in my head (usually the graphics part is not as good as I want it)
  2. Finish a watch face (often related to 1)

for me are thwo thing that fight themself , one is think for something different and other bring to new life old quartz lcd watches that let me speechless for how much they was futuristic for the technology of their time


Glad I’m not the only one who replies when half asleep, or after a shandy or two.


@Orakix has a bunch of interviews with some partners that talk about this kind of thing.


Those watchfaces are all stunning - Orakix has a great eye!
I was just glancing through the favorites… :drooling_face:

There were many names I did not recognize (mainly because… Apple… :confounded:)
But WOW :pleading_face: the sheer amount of layers and detail that I saw was incredible :star_struck:

Just superlative talent on this site :exploding_head:

Okay… I have run out of words. All of you are impressive. The amount of patience and dealing with the software to make these faces… I cannot even imagine. (I am a hardware person - software makes my head hurt.)

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