What Is the Recommended Canvas Size?

I’ve been going over the Overview for Creator but don’t see default canvas size noted. For some reason when I started here last year I thought the canvas size for creating backgrounds should be raster 900X900 pixels. Now when I search discussions here I see 640X640 mentioned.
Can someone give me a definite answer so my background image does not get resized too much when it’s uploaded?

640x640 is the smallest size that resizes to 320x320.

I agree with @eradicator09 , I always create faces in 640x640.

Thank you for the info. 640x640 it will be from now on. I don’t know where I got 900 from - must have misinterpreted a tutorial someplace along the way. :confused:

Oops… I totally haven’t been adhering to any kind of canvas size standard.

What happens when you import something bigger than 640x640?
Does Facer downsample with a crappy algorithm?

I can Photoshop before import to meet this standard, but I’m curious… are there crunchy/concrete reasons for me to revise all my published designs with 640x640 imports?

Neither have I, been thinking about a Canvas size. I just export from my drawing (CorelDraw), and let it “goes out” as a PNG file, 24 bit color, and then it resizes itself, to fit correctly when taking it into Facer.
I don’t see any destoying of details or similar, caused by this.

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Any multiple of 320 scales nicely. I work in 960 x 960 (if I can).

I think every item gets scaled 50%, regardless of original size.

I always use 1024x1024, or a 1K square… I can import to facer and not lose any resolution.
That makes for super fast importation. I can go right from Maya renders to facer and not lose detail…see example

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Footnote : I also dont have to change any size, it just drops with perfect size… just my 2 cents…

Thank you for the interesting discussion, everyone.
The reason I posted the topic is because many of my images are adapted from antiques which have been reproduced in various ways over the last (hundred?) years. Each time, some quality has been lost. Therefore, once I apply my changes in adapting to a watch face design, I try not to diminish quality further by making additional changes to the final draft. Example: https://www.facer.io/watchface/jELIvUjPQf

I’ve been working on a 320x320px .sketch artboards, then export my assets 2X. If you’re using vector based creator software, you should be fine. Just look out for 1/2 pixel scaling.