Why can’t I get anyone from Facer support to respond back to me?

I need support for my Apple Watch and I have sent several emails over the passed 3 weeks and one or 2 from the app itself and a big fat nothing. 6 months ago when I needed support i was very impressed with level of support I received, but now it’s quite the opposite. If anyone knows if they are possibly off for the Holidays or the possibility of something else being there reason could you please lmk? Thx

Sorry to hear this Carrie, all I can guess is that they are busy coming out of the Holidays, but let’s hope it’s nothing worse than that and you can get the help you need real soon. Best of luck to you, and Happy New Year too :smiley:

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@mizonesty Most likely staff was off for the holidays and #CES22 this week. They will need to catch up. Is your question anything that can be handled in this community?

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No the error message I got I was told to contact facer support but thank you

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At this point without knowing your specific issue, all I can add is to make sure your AW battery has a good charge and make sure you are using a series that is compatible with whatever design you are trying to sync.
Have you seen this page? https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/sections/360003370374-Facer-on-Apple-Watch


Here is the link to my original post about the problem…

This way I don’t have to retype it or try and find the screenshots again. If you can help awesome! But idk think so again because of the specific error message, but really thank you very much.

It appears that your problem is with the account rather than with a watch face design, so there isn’t much that we can do in this community. You will have to work one-to-one with Facer support.
As far as I know Facer does not support Fitbit. If Facer asked you to “restore the purchases” follow their instructions to do that. They will work with you to make things right for your Apple Series 7.
Be patient. They are probably swamped with questions from people who received new watches for Christmas.

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