Wind Speed Error Correction

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I would like to share my findings on the wind speed value error given by Facer. I’m not sure if it works correctly on a watch but within the testing environment, the value seems to be off from the given input. While I haven’t seen any posts confirming whether or not it works fine on an actual watch face (If it does please enlighten me), I have found a workaround to give you the almost true number.

Graphing the points showed an almost consistent offset with only some small deviations. The graph follows the line (y = 2.23658x + 0.00489518). So using an expression like this one can give you the true input provided.


If anyone has tested this on a watch I would gladly like to know if it works correctly or not. If not here’s a good method to get around it. It isn’t a perfect solution but it does allow you to use the wind speed to make other calculations such as finding the wind chill.

Edit: One of the points on the graph was a mis-input. I updated the formula to show the correct values.

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can you please share even how you made the observation? I mean, how did you assume there was an error and what data source have you been comparing the Facer values with?


I often say we should not be using our Watches for Science . Scientific Instruments cost significantly much mor than our Watches .
I am happy with my wind speed in Meters per second . To estimate if it is going to be too Windy to sit on the Beach I just Double it to give me an Approximate MPH . But it is fascinating to see what you are doing with your Maths . Try make you contributions for those a little less schooled in Maths a more simple description of what you are doing .


While I was playing around with the wind speed tag I noticed it wasn’t quite displaying the same number that I inputted. For example I would set the test watch to 200mph and it would display over 400 mph. I did some searching and found out this thread on the same problem.

For some reason it multiplies your input value by about 2.2. Whether or not that is just a Facer thing or if it doesn’t work outside of the virtual watch, I’m not sure because I don’t actually own a watch to test on.

To get the data that I did I simply inputted a windspeed to the virtual watch and recorded the displayed value. I’m sure this is just a simple bug with the facer wind speed tag but I was still curious as to why the number was pretty consistently off.


I think the tag is ok . I have used it for a couple of years . But the slider on the simulator is rubbish . You would be better of using #DWFHS# and the Time Machine Slider for your tests . 0-360 should do it .

I got usable results using


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Welcome @ksappho . Is that showing coerrct on your watch . Looks like a conversion from Meters per second from Mile per hour to me . If the user changed to Metric on thier watch it would be very wrong . I find the wind speed Fine on my watch . I actualy like MPH and celcius temprature . Take a bit of messing about . The Slider on Creator is just wrong and does not carry the conversion when you swap Imperial Metric . Always check that on a watch…

Yeah - I was making it work on the simulator - seems like it’s just the simulator that’s wrong. Didn’t have enough wind last night to determine, but today, looks like #WND# is actually correct - no math needed. Thanks @russellcresser!


Just remember metric is Meters per Second . Which is standard for Weather and driving is Kilometres pre Hour . Imperial is MPH Miles per Hour . I actually preferer MPH but like to have the temperature in Celsius . I think Most would not be interested to have that on their Watch .
Well done getting on top of it . Noe of the sliders do Imperial Metric conversions .
The question about the Wind speed slider was raised a while ago . Nothing has been done . It would be an easy Fix.

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