[WIP] Better hands for analog watch

A proof of concept. The face is just a placeholder to try out the effect, but the effect itself is working the way I want it to. What is the effect you ask? Well, speed up the clock and watch the hands. It’s a 3D lighting effect to make the hands look a bit more realistic. I grew tired of beveled hands where the highlights and shadows were static. Now they are always oriented upwards! Thoughts on this, anyone?


Very neat. Are you using multiple elements and then fading them over time?

Yup. Right now each hand uses four layers: One for the main body, one for the drop shadow, one that fades in and out on the left sida and one that fades in and out on the right side. I’m thinking about adding two more layers though, one for the top and one for the bottom. Eventually I’ll share what I did, but I want to get that added first and also design a nice watch face that will showcase the effect.

Only problem right now is that my hard drive is not really cooperating with me… I’m running a Linux distribution off a USB flashdrive to see if I can fix things, but it’s not looking too good. Thank evolution for back-ups!