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[WiP] DBMC-BC color change

I’m pushing the limits of my coding skills.

on this face i want to smoothly change the color of the colored bars.
I’ve managed to do this with some elements as well.

temp from blue to green, yellow and red
battery over red, yellow and green

I think my codes are a bit confused, but for now it works.
If anyone had better ones, I’d be happy.

But as for the time and date, I don’t really know.

I would like to link the time to sunrise and sunset.

And I would like to link the date to the seasons.

Can somebody help me with it?

I’m not satisfied with the graphic design either

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This might be useful. Thanks to @russellcresser


@SR-Design.vision. Two colour Morphs are best. Easier to manage and very effective. I stole some of Zieneth Stars code and put it in a Face called 2Bit INIT ED… There is arunijng sunrise and sunset count down it there you might be able to extract something useful from that. I I thi k the nearest minute is fine for that sort of thing but he has seconds in there.
Check Peters three colour morph. In the Test Tom Posted.
Deal with one thing at a time.

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my multi-level color changes work…
That’s not the primary question.
Feel free to test it
but there is probably a better coding for it.

I can’t get any further with the sunrise and sunset.
And with different colors for the seasons.

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I think it is OK as it is.
For the seasons, if you pick one “source” place, it may be wrong for 60% of the rest of world, where they are either on opposite hemisphere, or simply change different seasons than notorious spring, summer, autumn, winter.
For the sunrise/sunset you could use dark blue for night time and from pink/purple to light blue sunrise to noon and back to sunset.
To simplify things, I personally would split the shine and shades into one layer above the color layers, but I think it is no problem for you to export each field completely rendered, as you are designer by trade :slight_smile:


I just wanted to post the same thing… :smile: :smile:


For the season thing, I’ve looked into it, mainly because I’m interested in the moon phases depending where you are. So here is a test to tell you what season you have depending in what hemisphere you are in. Hope my thinking is right - seems too simple :sunglasses:


Hey. Thay look good. I took the Noth soit off my Moon thing because it needed GPS. I look forward to taking the Bits out of that.

I have done a lot of faces with seasons, have a category with “Seasons and day and night” and prefer to use astronomical vs meteorological (Winter - Dec, Jan, Feb, etc) Here is what I use, keep in mind that the days change slightly each year.

Text - `$#LAT#>0?Summer:Winter$`
Opacity - $#DD#>=174&&#DD#<=265?100:0$ 

Text - `$#LAT#>0?Spring:Fall$
Opacity - `$#DD#>=79&&#DD#<=173?100:0$

Text - `$#LAT#>0?Fall:Spring$
Opacity - `$#DD#>=266&&#DD#<=354?100:0$

Text - `$#LAT#>0?Winter:Summer$
Opacity - `$#DD#>=355||#DD#<=78?100:0$``````


If you have faded borders a day or so is not a problem .

Tom . I see your toggle VAR_ 2 does not work is that because you are not pro . use the slider instead or is something broken . I have been playing with toggle and it sims in the preview fine ,

I see


is a NOP



I have a lot to test.
that’s great.
Thanks to all

The toggle does not work. I just used the VAR_2 on the slider in the Creator to simulate above and below 0.

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If you see the code mod i posted above above you will see it does work on the Watch preview in Creator . I was foxed by that .

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I’m re-doing my drawing because I don’t like the look of it.
after that i will start testing.


Now the design fits better.
The previous look wasn’t me.

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Again, nice design. Clean and informative. :+1:

I can see that your design DFFS-BO is doing very well in the top 100.
And you asked should you delete it. Good thing you didn’t. :smile: :smile:

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ok, i really don’t get it

I want to fade in an image level slowly
The condition is :
“sunrise - 30 min” = 0 opacity to “sunrise + 30 min” = 100 opacity

Can one of you please tell me the way?

I notice that I’m also completely overwhelmed with the seasons.

I don’t think I can do these two things without outside help.

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@SR-Design.vision If you could accept a bit of lead and lag it is very easy but sunrise minus 30 mins is nit that easy . We have #DISDAYTIME# we could use as a trigger but the fade would have to be after the condition change . How long a fade did you want ? 30 Mins ? You will find that practically it starts getting light about an Hour before sunrise .

This is the fool proof formula to replace the above as it will not work on tick watch . You will see in the Tags List that are loads of tags for sr ss times . these are the most robust .


So you will have to create a conditional that looks at the hours broken down to minutes added to the minutes then minus 30 . I know a man who does it in seconds . I really don’t think you need to go that far .

Do you want me to make this .
Let us know what sort of fade in you want .

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I also stick to the generally valid statements of about 30 minutes.

I just wanted it a little longer, because it doesn’t get light all of a sudden when the sun rises.
That’s why my idea was a total of 60 minutes for the insertion.

In the meantime I am grateful for every sensible solution.
I tested codes for hours and didn’t get any meaningful result.

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