Xiaomi Mi-smartwatch

I bought a Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch. How can I sync with Facer ? And Facer itself…I can’t find Xiaomi in the selection of watch-models ?! Please help me out…thank you

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Welcome to the Community Franky, someone else will give a better answer soon I think, but in my non expert opinion, I think the Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch has its’ own Proprietary Operating System, it might only be able to run its’ own Apps/Software. Just my uneducated thought :thinking:

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Xiaomi Mi Watch uses their own MIUI For Watch operating system and Facer doesn’t support it yet. Facer only supports Apple, Tizen and WearOS.


miui for watch is based on wear os china version(which deleted play store)
you can use adb to install facer on it

@1611354070 , are you saying you can somehow unofficially sideload Facer onto the Xiamoi Mi Watch using some sort of tool called ADB? I think you are going to have to give some more details on this, or perhaps direct us to a link with something more.

Maybe is this what you mean?:

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So did it actually work for you?

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So you have installed it using a Third Party mod App, which is definitely why it is buggy. If an App isn’t installed correctly and Officially, you’re bound to have problems.

so can you delete this? i didn’t use a mod app.