Zoom in and spin?

Any code to make an image spin into view and zoom in as well. Think of the Batman Bat Logo thing :slight_smile:

Hi mate their are a lot of ways you can perform this task i have created a face for you to check out

If this is what you are looking for then just check out the code in inspection mode ok

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forget that :slight_smile: It’s showing it now :slight_smile:

yer like that. it seems to do it twice then stops.

in the code which part is the finished size ? My image come out a bit squished :slight_smile:

ok its very simple


First part checks for timing so it can stop and do nothing when done here i have set 2 but by changing the 0.318 to another speed you can reduce or increase the number of times it makes the full loop

(0 = Start +(320 = End {Point) the rest is just timing like the begining


Other method, you could also use the interpAccel function

Any more info ?

@borgcymru if you want more details about this function, you can look this tuto from @gavin.potts

and the useful mini-tuto from @eradicator09

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This is good. I am using your rotation formula to spin a basket ball. Is there a way to make it spin bottom to top instead of clockwise and a separate way to make it spin continuously?

Could you put the batman tutorial back on inspector mode?

sorry i had a clean out and deleted it

Do it again, do it again, d d do it again

Does this help:


That’s great thanks Matt, I’ll check it out properly when I’m back online :+1:

Thanks @ThaMattie
:bat: :bat: :bat:

Works great with Fidgets thanks Matt :smiley:

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