Animation sequence?

Here’s what I want to do…
I have a set of buttons that are dark. I want them to look like they are “waking up” by going to a half lit state, then a fully lit state.

Once they wake up, I want them to stay lit, or at least stay lit for a while, then it can loop.

It should look like this…


Then it can loop. The problem seems to be that either the app can recognize that I’m loading the same file over again or something because the animation that it creates is just OFF, HALF, ON, HALF, ON, OFF then it loops.

I guess my question is how do I get my animation to effectively “pause” at a certain point?

Thanks in advance!

You could possibly layer two animations, one that does the off, half, on, half for a certain number of seconds onWake.

Then the 2nd is on top that fades on after the time period specified in the first animation.

This isn’t the formula but hopefully explains things a bit more…

Layer 1: (interpAccel(#DWE#,3,10,0.5)*100)
Layer 2: (interpAccel(#DWE#,0,3,0.5)*100)

Layer 2 animates from 0-3 seconds and Layer 1 is visible from 3 seconds onwards.

Try this thread as well, it should have the info you need:

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Have a look at my GAUSS-Sniper or GAISS-Companion. Inspection mode is on, so you can all formulas. Maybe it could help you…


Whew, I think I’m in over my head lol. Though the two animation idea might work for what I’m doing.

I guess I’d, well, how do I start a different animation after the previous one has stopped? Wait, I see, so the first one plays the blink sequence once, no loop, then stops, WHILE the second one is SLOWLY fading in over the top of it, also no loop then stays on. Is that what you were thinking?

That WOULD work for this. Could I loop those? (Could there be a way they could add a “pause” function inside the image sequence tool thing? You could set it to pause for a certain number of seconds, and add it just like you add an image.)

Ok, I’m gonna mess around, thanks everyone!

Ok so I found this.


Looks like it’s a transparency setting for an image. Is there a way to tweak this to make it do what I want? I don’t know what any of those letters or numbers mean or what they do! lol!

That’s a good idea actually.

As far as setting up a pause, unfortunately not.

Either way, the interpAccel tag is likely going to be the key to doing this. interpAccel controls when something is done … be it rotating, moving, shrinking, growing, fading, etc

@eradicator09 does a good job of explaining the function here:

As far as the other formula posted, sin will definitely achieve the fade in and out you’re trying for… think of it as a wave going from 0 to 100. Compare it to using cos and you can have two animations alternating – one with sin, one with cos. So when one fades out, the other fades in and they alternate.

The DWE tag is one of the time related tags, in this case DWE is the tag signaling onWake. It can be DWFSS (seconds) DWFK (hour) DWFM (minute), etc.

The +50 is the amount it varies…


This stuff is nuts! I have some research to do, thanks everyone, this is all great info!

You could do something like this:
Top Layer: On after 2secs - $(#DWE#)>(2*1)&&(#DWE#)<=((200+1)*1)?100:0$
Bottom Layer: breathing animation - ((sin(#DWE#*5))*20+60)

The top layer will turn on after 2 seconds at 100% transparency which will overlay the other animation. you can adjust the ‘5’ in the Bottom layer to make the breathing action move faster or slower.

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Nice thanks, I’m gonna try that!