Cloudy weather issue


I have a problem with the cloudy weather condition text and its icon. When the weather is cloudy, both the weather condition and the icon disappear.
I saw this topic and used this: $#WCCT#!=Cloudy&&#WCCI#=01?100:0$ but now the weather icon and text condition show up simultaneously with the fair weather (01) icon and text condition.

I use the Galaxy Watch 5.

  1. There are problems with weather at the moment.
  1. You have an error in the expresion, you have exclamation: $#WCCT#!



I think that “cloudy” and icon “01” can never happen to occur at same time.
Facer uses truncated numbers (first two digits) of icon codes from to assign the images and 01 stands for clear.

btw. it seems Facer is directly taking some of the condition descriptions from there, which under some icons are multiple there (while only one of such group can be previewed in creator).


petruuccios you are right.

The combination of “cloudy” and “01” will always be = False.


You are going to have problems if you use words hoping to match #WCCT#. For example, when #WCCI# = 50, #WCCT# could produce fog, mist, or even smoke. You’ll always be guessing. With cloudy conditions it’s even worse.
What is it you are trying to actually do?