Does Facer Plus enable complications

Does Facer plus subscription enable complications to work such as date showing appointments

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No, Facer Plus is mostly about removing ads. It does have a couple of other features, but it’s not what you’re looking for. A Facer Premium subscription will give you access to Premium faces that can be designed with the complications you are looking for. I rarely see people implementing them in designs though. If you want to design your own, then get a Facer Creator Pro subscription which will allow you to design faces using these complications. My understanding (though this could be wrong), is that any faces you design yourself, you can download to your own watch. So, technically if you’re designing your own faces with premium features, you don’t need a premium account as long as you have a Creator Pro subscription. However, if you want to download other people’s faces with premium features, you’ll need a Facer Premium subscription.


Sometimes people become confused about Facer Premium and Facer Pro.
Facer members whether they subscribe to one of the following or not, can create free watch faces by using Creator for free.
Depending on your preferences you have the option to purchase either or both of these to enrich your Facer experience.

A Premium Membership permits its members to wear all faces free as well as paid. It also removes ads from the phone app and increases the Watchbox capacity on your watch.

A Facer Creator Pro Subscription is a tier of Creator. It gives you access to the Pro Tools for creating Free and Paid watch faces.