Facer.io 4.3.0 is now live (curate your own collections!)

Hi everyone!

We have a HUGE update to announce today for Facer.io - we’ve just released version 4.3.0 which introduces User-Curated Collections! Now you can organize all of your favorites, share them with friends & fam, and even get featured on the Facer front page.

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Find a face you like and click the new ‘+’ button

You can create a custom collection or add to your existing set of favorites

2. Pick a collection and then you’re done!

You can find your collections on your profile and in your watch box on the mobile app

You can customize your collection too!

The collection editing tools allow you to edit the cover image, name & description, as well as order of the watch faces


And be sure to share some of your collections here in the community!


20 free faces ready to go:


Can we name our collections (for example, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)?
How? Under Favorites, I see two titles already chosen. Are there sub menus for naming, or is there a way to change those already named?


Hi @Linlay - When you click the ‘+’ button you should see two options at first: Favorites & NEW COLLECTION. When you select new collection, you’ll see all of the options to set up your custom collection (including naming it!).


Excellent! I’ll give it a try. :heart_eyes:

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Hi all!
This is really amazing! I think the best of FACER 2018, congratulations for the good work!

Just a query, I’ve seen that I can add faces of other designers to my collections … @Facer_Official hat happens if the designer does not agree that I add their designs to my collection? There should be some way I think that the style of tilde at the time of publishing the faces to authorize this to others to include in their collections or allow me to decide who can or can not include my designs …


Here is my first collection with this method! It is really great, very intuitive, practical and quickly one can put together a collection in a matter of seconds! excellent work!


Second… LOL



I think the most time consuming feature will be creating the cover for each collection.

Is there a limit on the number of collections? For example, I don’t know if I should group holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Valentines into simply Winter Holidays, or have each collection separate - which would create more collections. If I separate them I’d probably end up with about 12. What do you think would be best?

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Note that a banner isn’t required for collections. If you don’t provide one, we create one automatically. That said, when reviewing collections for featuring, it’s true that we will always prioritize the ones that have a banner, and a well designed one!

Regarding the limit in number of collections, there isn’t any as of today. Go nuts! :wink:


Hey, I’m lovin’ it! Regardless of whether mine is interpreted as well designed or not I’m just having tons of fun.

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Just started… and it made me realize the information I have on my profile is outdated! :smiley:


Thanks for the feature!

EDIT: I just figured out how to shuffle from a collection! Nice! I’ve added so many favorites that the regular shuffle is cumbersome and I’ll never see half of them :smiley:


On my Profile I can see only 20 of my designs. The rest never download.
However, I can see everything in Creator. Is there a way to send to collections from Creator?

What browser are you using? I’m seeing all your faces on your profile. They should load as you scroll down.

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I use Chrome and it is very slow to load more. With 200+ designs it gets to be a pain. I also wish we could add from the creator main page.


Do the banners need to be png/jpeg? Or can I do an animated gif?

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I’ve been working on this. I usually use Edge because it seems to do better on Creator. However the best I can load is 40 on Edge and 116 on Pale Moon.

Edit: Ugh. It took over 2 hours, but I finally got Pale Moon to load all faces down to my very first design. Edge never moved past those 40.

There are some duplicates in Favorites because I’ve put them in other collections. If I delete those from Favorites (or delete from any collection), will that delete the face everywhere?


There’s only 3 faces in this collection but I already had the promotional artwork done for it so why not.

*Fun fact, I took that picture of big ben/parliament myself.


Yes!!! So good! Can’t wait to get into this when I’m back from my business trip :smiley: Thanks! So keen :slight_smile:

Can there be an option to add draft watch faces to custom collections?

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