Feels like on a new facer watch face

So my watch is a Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro

I am not looking for anything complex,and a lot of the faces I am not a fan of, they either are to convoluted and have to many things I just don’t use at all.

So far I have a background of my dad, a digital clock , a battery bar, a % amount, and a date.

I know how to get the weather temp on the face but I want to put a feels like on the face as well.

Is this possible and if so how? Please use lamens terms if possible, I’m good with pictures as well LOL


Did you mean the “wind chill” (apparent temperature)?
Facer does not forward that data from the weather source. But it provides inputs needed for the calculation methods.
However I don’t know (yet) how to calculate the decimal powers with the given functions on Facer.


Yeah welcome @easyrider77 . The Topic has been opened here already but I can not say how far it got . The calculation is complex . Part of the problem is the Wind actualy might be warm . I have made a Wind Direction Compass . For us if the wind is from the north and over 10 mph it is probably Hat and Coat weather . I can show you that if you are Intrested .

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Yeah that’s what I’m after, it’s called different things depending on the app you use or who you talk to…feels like/real feel/windchill etc…but it’s all the same.

So I tried putting weather only on the watch face, and sadly it’s really wonky. It doesn’t update like it should, sometimes the weather is almost 10 degrees off of the phones weather, I even tried tap to enforce update, but it stil was off.

So That lead me to another idea, if it’s at all possible.

I won’t care if I have to use the app itself, and I can live with that, but I was curious, is there a way to add a widget to the watch face to tap on to open the app?

I am on pro version of facer, I’m just not sure what to use or how to set that up if there is a way.
From my limited knowledge of this, I rely on my techy/nerdy side and would assume it’s one of the bottom choices where you have to have PRO version called var increment.

I am currently trying out the “app launcher” part as I type this, but I can’t get anything to open up, but am afraid it will open the samsung weather app, as apposed to accu weather, which is the app I want to use, instead of samsung weather app.
I’ve tried to add application and couldn’t figure out how to make it open anything, and I also tried the var increment with no luck.

So that being said, if it’s possible to assign an app (in this case accu weather app, wich is installed) to one of those 2 options, I would be grateful for a simplified walk thru (with pics preferred but not needed), or video on how to do this. I greatly appreciate the help thus far, and I did read thru that thread.

I finally got the app launcher to work, but it was as I suspected, it opens the samsung weather app.

So that boils it down to one thing, just having a way to open the accu weather app the similar way.
Is this possible?

The app launcher element is transparent area you can specify on the canvas, which will become touch sensitive and will call the app you choose.

I am afraid there is only one weather option to choose from the actions of the app launcher on Facer. I dont know what app (if any at all, even if there are multiple preinstalled) will it call on your watch.

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Right. Thats what I found out too.

So I was messing with variables and they work similar, icon on top, push button on backend.

I was curious, is it possible at all to make a variable that would open accu weather app, or a specified app, if so how would I go about setting that variable up?

The variables completely throw me, and go way over my head, so it’s a work in progress as I learn stuff.

Variables are just numbers, they do not contain links nor do other action.
They can be triggered (changing the number from 0 to 1 and back)
They can be increased or decreased or reset to 0
And there are also according counters since when they last changed.
These numbers then can be used in formulas to control opacity rotation or position of elements.

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Ahh ok, thank you for breaking it down a bit more.

So in short what I’m after at this time can’t be done, aside from using samsung weather.

Maybe a future feature to add in. It would be cool if you could tile (ie: make a tile) for any app in the watch or have a clickable shortcut/widget on the clock face.

I greatly appreciate the help and replies, this has helped me a lot. Now I won’t be wracking my brain looking on how to do this LOL.

@easyrider77 chose a Customisable Complication . I use them hidden as what they show not much use . On choosing customisation on your watch it can be set to run any app on your watch .

Oh I see what you mean now. List looked at the list. I’ll try that out.

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If you run them hidden behind any picture on the planet it is not an issue . BTW you only get to use 4.

@russellcresser Do they work for you on your older galaxy watch, or only on the 4th?
On my gear S3 they do not work

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I will test it Peter .

I must be doing something wrong.

I choose compilation #1 (the round one). I pick Weather icon to use over the compilation.
Not sure if it matter the sequence on the left side, but complication #1 is at the top, then weather icon is under that. Compilation #1 is hidden( the eye is unchecked)
I send it to the watch, and edit the icon part and pick samsung weather app, Just as a test to see if it even works, but when I am done and want to exit out it doesn’t go anywhere.

If I exit out by hitting the hom button on the side, it goes back to the normal icon and does nothing.

Am I missing somthing?

Just found out you can’t hide it, and it still work, at least not for me. If I hide it it doesn’t set.

Galaxy watch 5 pro is the watch

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The weather Icon in Creator will certainly Complicate matters . Do a test with just the complication in the centre of the face and see what it does on its own .

@petruuccios . Your Guess is Good . No go on Samsung Galaxy Active . More than likely Tizen is a NOP on that one . ( Custom Complication ) .
So these stories don’t end just like that , The good old Tizen Double tap brings up a choice of Comps to run but I have not found how to select them yet .

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Yeah it works fine on it’s own when not hidden, just one issue. I pick say calculator, only because i know it’s the one that’s doing the issue, it shows up behind the icon I’m using to hide it with, in this case the weather icon.

How do you cover it, say with an icon, so it doesn’t show that? Like what picture would I use over the top?

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Anything . You can not cover them up or move them with a Tag . They will stay put and work if you covered them with 24 pictures or more .

I think you can hide it behind any image.

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well still can’t get access to accu weather app though, so while it was good to learn stuff, it won’t work for what I wanna use it for lol

Even tried it with assistant, worked like a charm.

There are a lot of things in the list just accu weather isn’t on that list of things.

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