[FIXED] WearOS/iPhone users - QR code showing SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE

Apologies for the delay, we have been informed that the fix has passed internal testing and should be available in the App Store shortly. No specific ETA because it’s now dependent on Apple’s approval process, but likely to be by early next week. Thanks so much for your patience!


Kind of a good news. It has been taken too long for us iPhone users. We have reported this issue many times.Hope get fix this time.
Thanks again for Facer’s help.

any prediction of when it will be available, on the stor ?

Same issue with Summit 2 and Iphone waiting for fix

Guys, haven’t you heard about expedited reviews? You can get an iOS App approved in less than a day. It’s a month and this issue is still “waiting for App Store avalability”. This isn’t dependent on Apple since you have a mechanism to ask for a express review so your customers aren’t affected for major flaws, just like this case…

@rod14es the update that will fix this issue is NOT in the Facer app unfortunately, but in Google’s WearOS app, and we therefore have no control over its deployment.

As you can imagine, Google’s updates go through significant internal testing, and likely extra testing/oversight by Apple because Google is such a larger partner of theirs. This is probably why this is taking so long. We wish we could speed things up, or even provide some kind of ETA, but it’s unfortunately out of our hands.

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Is it not possible at all to upload new faces to my watch via a laptop with Bluetooth? Only way atm is I’m going thru my 10 a day and hoping for somthing I like popping up

Last week you guys wass waited for the beginning of this. and now ?

My first month of trial. It will end without I having tested

So whens it gonna be fixed? Give an answer facer… your potential customers demand it.

You should actually be asking Google, since it’s an update we’re waiting on from their side.

Facer should learn from this by not relying on anything big and should have a failsafe. Why not create a login on your watch the same as on the site, so you can just view all your facers or you can just “publish” them to your watch and then you’ll see them. Screw this QR code

Just updated google and Facer is now working !

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SOLVED: Jan 17th, 2019

Hi all,

We’re happy to share that Google’s WearOS update is now available in the Apple App Store for your iPhone. The version is 3.11.27:

Please make sure you update to this version, and then reconnect Facer to your watch. To do that:

  1. On the Facer phone app, go to the Settings (top right icon in Featured), and hit reconnect Watch
  2. On your watch, 4x tap on your Facer watch face to bring up the QR code. It should now show up properly, as long as you have updated to WearOS 3.11.27 on your phone.
  3. Scan the QR code from the Facer app on your phone
  4. Enjoy Facer, at last!

If this issue prevented you from enjoying Facer Premium, please contact us at facer-support@little-labs.com and we’ll do our best to make it up to you.

Thank you SO MUCH for your patience!

  • The Facer team

Sfortunatamente sul mio iphone nn e ancora uscito aggiornamento

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Still 3.7.27 version in China App Store

Still got 3.7.27 version of Wear OS in China App Store. Due to some kind of reason the Wear OS app is an Chinease Sepcial Edition for Chinease users.

Do you hava a ETA for the version 3.11.27 for us Chinease users?

Hi All
Facer is running ok now on my Fossil Q Explorist gen.4

Nothing changed after updating the app…

Hi @forkiofficial! Can you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com? We’ll investigate this with you. Updating WearOS was confirmed to fix the issue by our team and by a number of users in the community. You may be experiencing a different problem.

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I just downloaded Facer and I can’t generate the QR Code because of the “SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE” error. My Fossil Q gen 4 is paired with my iPhone Xs. All updated at last version. Help

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Just downloaded Facer and would love to use it but this issue is still happening where when I go to bootup the QR Code I can’t even log in on my phone because the QR code won’t load. The error is the same as mentioned previously: SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE. Any updates to a problem people are still having 8 months later from when this post was supposedly fixed?