Fresh Faces Page Swamped

I dunno, but those are a liiiiiiiiiiittle pricey lol

…which indeed we did see with Dario’s.

I think you misunderstand what I mean by garbage. See my example of BA above. It’s a classic example. The charts are for NEW watch faces. This is absolutely against the SPIRIT of playing the charts. Its like when you go to a store and find that all the parking spaces close to the store have been taken by employees. Sure, nothing technically wrong with it, but its not a good deal for customers, and its not a good look for the employees.

No, it’s pretty good for partners. Not so much for the rest of us. Partners get a lot of visibility that the rest of us don’t get.

I have never seen anyone say they’re upset by being pushed down the list by partners. I don’t think anyone minds sharing the charts with them either. That’s not the problem. It’s about the spirit of the charts themselves.

I’ve long given up on the idea of being a Facer Creator Partner, and I feel a lot better for it. I don’t even look at the charts these days. I don’t care about popularity, chart position or statistics. I create watch faces that I want to make for me. But I do care about fairness, and I think partners should LEAD the way in good moral practices that give everyone a great chance on this platform.


Lol I wish! Nah I stumbled upon some pinterest page once with all kinds of out of the ordinary watches and this was on there

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I think you expressed perfectly our amateurs feeling.
As you say “it’s about the spirit of the chart” beccause it’s the only way to get a bit of visibility,dont care about position but just to be present for sometime since no more free faces are featured,at list one per month, and in the new faces section lately there are ppl that upload bounch of seamless faces in same time without any control


Where does it say this, exactly?

We release watchfaces and people sync them. How do we control this? You make it sound like we’re evil and have some master plan to destroy everyone who is not a partner. This is not the case.

We all started out in the same place as everyone else here. You want visibility? Make watchfaces that generate syncs. You get noticed, and you become partner. Alternatively, waste your time and energy complaining about how unfair it is.

What would you suggest? We don’t make free faces, because that’s immoral?


Hmmm, so that means, that after becoming a facer partner we shouldn‘t release free faces anymore?? I always thought people like free gifts… And i didn‘t assume it would lead to troubles doing so.

I can‘t speak for eyeryone here, others may have other intentions but i simply love to create watch faces, premium or free ones. It‘s a passion and i love that i can canalize my creativity and share it with others. This passion doesn‘t end when you become a partner.

Just my two cents…


Exactly. I give my watches for free after they have generated some money, for those who cannot afford it. I don’t do it for any other reason.


Well thats the thing isn’t it. Facer is so veiled in mystery, no one knows what the fricking rules are. Whenever my faces have charted, they mysteriously disappear after 30 days. I thought that was the case for everyone, but maybe its another, “oh doesn’t happen to me”.

Read the whole thread. I’m not rehashing it again.

I did everything that Facer said you should do. I had social media accounts where I constantly pushed Facer, I had a 15k monthly syncs,

I posted to this forum more than all the partners put together, I wasn’t bitter and jaded (like I am now :rofl:), I had collections created using their guidelines for quality, and it didn’t get me anything.

Read the thread.


You people are unbelievable. READ THE WHOLE THREAD.


It looks glitched to me, same face, no changes. Unless he published it, forgot something, then published it again, then went back in and fixed something and published it again, etc. But I doubt that’s the case.

Correction, the charts are for newly released faces. Plus, the customer isn’t prevented from purchasing things at the store, they just might have to walk a little further to buy em. Additionally, if your faces are good, they’ll be parked out front instead of partner faces.

What I meant was that Facer is a good platform and lets people make faces easily for themselves and others with an attainable path to monetization. Of course partners get more visibility, Facer doesn’t make money from free faces.

Ok. But the spirit hasn’t changed since I’ve been around. We all had to function within these parameters. I had to fight my way into the top of the charts before I was a partner too.

Oops, looks like a bunch of people replied while I was writing this lol, sorry for any repetition.

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I did.

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Personally, I have no issue with Partners doing free watch faces and getting on the top 100 list. There is some satisfaction that comes when you notice that your watch face is ranked higher than a partner’s face. (Not belittling the partners watch face in any way.) I do my faces for my enjoyment first, secondly the syncs and top 100 are nice perks, but what I get the most thrill from is the comments from the end users. I get the comments that they love my faces, or I should do them for sale because they would pay for them. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that the bottom line is, we are doing the faces for our fans. Without our watch face fans, we would not have top 100 faces, large sync counts or even the Facer platform to be able to use. We owe it to the watch fans that keep Facer alive and us as designers busy working on that next possible number one watch face, be it paid or free.


We will all get ourselves a square watch and get BradC on to that one if he has not done it already . Although at this stage I must say I like a Nice Pair of Hands .

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This discussion began with a post about a bunch of very similar free faces taking up the Recent page so that it took a lot of scrolling to find other designs. When that happens it’s inconsiderate, but perhaps the members who do that do not realize that’s happening until their designs show up in multiple rows on Recents.
Somehow the comments above went off topic and ended up with criticism of Partners and Facer. There are many topics in the community about the charts and about becoming a Partner.
We really don’t need another one.


So I would like to say I am sorry. I apologise on behalf of some of the others. You are one of the few partners that contribute here out of what I Belive are 250 odd . I think you obviously realise people are not having a go at the Partners. A few of these guys have fabulous and individual work but have been passed over by Facer to become partners as they are Enough Already. So naturally they feel a little frustrated. The rules for Amater and Professional Football are the Same. May be some of the Partners that do not contribute at the level you do, should be Sacked.

Thanks for the vote of confidence @russellcresser . Actually a couple of years ago when I was a newbie here I did make something inspired by that. But looking back (It’s still there), it looks amateur now. Maybe I should redo it??? :grin:


The. Spamming new face are similar to the spamming partner notification,i think it’s on topic or we should do another?
Other topic about charts and partners are different from that,here we are showing how the amateurs are kicked far from visibility,from spamming pubblications to timing partners pubblications,i dont see nothing so offensive vs partners to make they came out from their zone here with certain comments.
After all a guidline if I’m not wrong Is
" You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community, including its forums, comment threads, etc."
I dont see any of those parameter respected ,only comments to defend their status, thats why is going off topic



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Sure and if we can contribute just ask

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Please Please post me the name of the watch or a link.