Fresh Faces Page Swamped

I really have read the entire thread, and it’s confusing to me - it started out as one thing and somehow transmogrified into this.

I understand some of your frustration - it’s really hard to get into the Partner program, and it’s really hard to stay relevant when you do make it there. There are frustrations on both sides. Nothing here is perfect, but believe me when I say that this is the best platform for watchfaces.

Facer recently had an open invitation for applications to become partner, and I think this was a good idea. From their side, you can understand that the business needs to continue to make money, as it is a business and needs an income to stay operational, and so they have to try to pick the people they feel will be best at that. Obviously they can’t just pick everyone. have you seen the mess that is the Galaxy watchface store? It’s probably very difficult to gauge who will be good at this or not.

Again, I get your frustration, but please do remember that we as partners are also just trying to do our best. We have no evil intent, and the charts or how Facer works is not our fault.

We’re all in the same boat here.


It is the Nature of All Topics to drift. It is still possible to find what interests one from the search box. Or problem is there is no Response whatsoever from Little Labs when you try contact them Directly. So now we have the Attention of a few Partners. (I have to say the Usual suspects and mean that as a Compliment.} they are getting a bit of stick. I can say that we are all very Greatfull that Facer is there. I tried Designing a Face for my Huawei and managed a couple on Samsung. ( Unpublished ). By comparison Facer is like a Sweet Dream.


This is fine, but it seems like you’re assuming we work for Facer, Russel, which we do not. We have a contract with them, but we do not have any influence (besides requesting features) on the operational side of Facer. We do not get to make decisions, we are not involved in meetings.

Taking your frustrations out on us is like taking your frustrations out on a goverment employee because of the decisions made by the President. It has no relevance, and is completely misguided.

As I said before, we’re all in the same boat here. We’d be so much more effective working together, than having non-partners throwing tantrums at partners, because who benefits from this?


I don’t know if I learned it here or if it was at one of my other communities, but has it occurred to any of you that your demeanor in forum discussions may have some bearing on your being selected for other roles?
It’s a fact of life when you want to join any team, you don’t disrespect the team or the coach.


I think from the comments I have made on this Topic you will see I am on your side. I know you are not Employed By Facer . The feeling is that a Partner might have more Clout than us Amaters. So I can only repeat thanks for being one of the few that do chip in Here.

We don’t

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Well there we are . Assumption is the Mother of all F… Ups. :joy:


We probably get heard a lot easier than anyone else, and certainly, Facer takes us reporting bugs very seriously, but we don’t have any sway in things like changing processes, etc.


Well, designer with a lot of followers (professional or amateur) may have an advantage in the free charts imhO. Because peoplbcan get notifications and will maybe sync a new design when they are informed. But this is not a guarantee. I posted a lot of faces that got lost in the charts, because they weren‘t appreciated or to special. But good quality and mainstream styles will always attract people. I‘ve seen a lot amateurs in the past years that gained steadily a lot followers. And some of them became partner invitations.

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“I understand some of your frustration - it’s really hard to get into the Partner program”

You dont understand nothing,we are just showing whats happens in specific cases, was those due to a bug? Ok ,is there a solution? Temporary yes, for us just unfollow ,there is no frustrati on. The only little disappoint for me is to see a big partners partecipation when we touch their nervs but no one post to help in design topics lately, ppl that have subscribe pro creator i think had to have some help since if I’m not wrong that is a conditional rule

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Well, I’m sorry, but I do understand, I was also in the same situation once.

I used to participate here a lot, but then, when we make partner, posts like this happens. People accuse you of things you did not do, people become toxic. Is it jealousy? I don’t know, but posts like this on right here, is what you can thank for people not contributing more around here.


there is a problem with the like button not registering sometimes even though it adds them to your liked list the button stays unliked. There is also a HUGE problem with bots from certain countries using facer to legitimize its existence

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To get back on the original topic question, @beatnickjones are you saying that bots are actually creating watch face designs so that the Recent page is flooded with them?

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I’ve had a pretty busy week and no time to chime in here, but I’ve attempted to follow the thread.

As to the original topic, I have never seen that myself, but it certainly sounds like a bug and nothing in the hands of any designers.

As to free faces. I think there are a lot of ways to look at it, but the bottom line to me is “free” isn’t only referring to the price, it’s also that everyone should feel free to publish their work for whatever reasons and whenever they choose. For the vast majority it’s just a fun hobby and they don’t care about the charts, for I suppose a certain number of people there is greater ambition so the issue of visibility is more important. And then for some still, some partners to be specific, free faces are part of our business model. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

Facer as a business makes most of their revenue from sales of individual faces and from premium subscriptions. Partners provide most of that content. I view it similar to any other small business, it takes a lot of investment of time and money to get a business going. I put a considerable amount of time into making watch faces for 3 years before it became a legitimate income stream. It was an enjoyable hobby with no reward beyond the satisfaction of a completed project. But I did start to have ambitions beyond that, and now 4+ years into it it’s a significant part of how I earn my living. Now that my small business is finally up and running in the black, yes, I am going to consider how to best manage my publishing strategy, which includes both paid and free faces, in a way that I think is most beneficial to my business. Spamming or flooding certainly wouldn’t be one of those strategies. But neither would refraining from publishing free faces.

The best advice given here to answer a lot of questions is often the same: Make faces because you enjoy doing it, and make the faces that you yourself want to wear. If you have great graphics skills, or a great talent or a knack for making designs that get tons on syncs, I promise you Facer will notice. Maybe something will happen, maybe not. But hopefully you are enjoying the hobby along the way.

I’m curious about this one… can you elaborate?


nice cover :+1: so there is none that could help this boy?

i have no pro version to help him


no but the faces that get liked repeatedly are seeming to be that way as i have 5 people that constantly like the same face day after day without sync it

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As long as it’s just likes that you are getting, is there a problem? How does that affect the Recent (designs published) page?

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Interesting topic/tangent

Don’t mind the newb to much

As to the original topic, I have not see this but, I’m still new so, grain of salt and all.
Well, other than same watch different color.

As to the tangent this discussion morphed in to.

Being a former business owner myself, I totally understand wanting to get paid for work done, but, also, goodwill goes a long way whether it be assisting here in the forums or helping guys with private requests.
Stating that, repeat customers!
Im willing to bet some of those private requesters would be willing to send a few dollars your way just to make said face.

Not being a Partner, I have not read the agreement I’m sure you have to agree to but I doubt it says, “You are not allowed to help people anymore”.

How about a Facer employee chiming in


I may have some insight on that. When someone likes your watch face it goes to the top of their favorites. Just the same as the last saved watch face goes to the top of our creator. I have one person who keeps liking one watch of mine and he has said on numerous faces that, that one watch is his favorite. I’ve went to his Facer user page and that watch is at the top of his favorite list. Your people that keep liking your watch may have discovered that if they do that it will be at the top where they can find it if they need it quickly.


Thanks MAG. Good trick. Likey Likey Likey.