GALAXY WATCH ULTRA by Samsung (It's About Time!)

GALAXY WATCH ULTRA by Samsung (It’s About Time!)
By Mike O’Brien Media

I’m still a firm Nope, especially at that price!


Hi @mrantisocialguy
I’m with you. Ugly shape, ugly price


I’m not a fan of that look.


As expected - a big disappointment.

  • round watch in square body - why, Samsung, why?? What’s the point?

  • same battery as watch5 pro, no improvement there

  • new watch bands so the old ones cannot be used

  • no rotating bezel

I just cannot find any reason to spend 699 euros. Nothing new to be seen.


:wink: “not my cup of tea”


Is it possible that watch 7 will NOT be offered in black color???

Only green and silver?

What kind of stupid move is that???


I just found out they are also removing the reverse charging ability from the GW7 and GW7 Ultra so you won’t be able to charge them off your phone wirelessly.


Alas - the design people have lost their minds. The marketing/pricing people have lost their minds. Looks like my 6 Classic will be the end of the Samsung line for me.


I think they are trying too hard to beat Apple at its own game, which they can’t.


I agree. I bought all the GWs (1-3-5Pro-6Classic 47 mm.) but if this is the path taken by Samsung the 6, which I’m super happy with, will be my last Samsung watch.
I had skipped the 4th because for me it was born badly and it seems to me that it is still full of problems.
Well, I’m going to save some money this year. I have to wait a whole year to see what will happen.


What Samsung doesn’t realize is that the people who buy the Apple watches have convinced themselves that they are better and smarter because they buy Apple products. Therefore they are highly unlikely to buy any other company’s comparable, and for them, inferior product.

This means that even if Samsung sells something equal to Apple, none f the Apple buyers will switch.


The worst line/year of Samsung watches ever.

In my opinion watch 5 pro is the best watch and the watch 6 classic is the most beautiful one.

I skipped watch 6 only because it has weaker battery than watch 5 pro and I was looking forward to watch 7. I was 100% sure that I will buy watch 7.
Now I’m soooooo disappointed.

I cannot decide which one I want less. The ugly green color or the wierd ultra.


Here is a nice, 22 min video by sakitech, ultra unpacked.
The watch sucks, nothing new, nothing worth 700 euros.

The new, third button can activate a siren. Great! That’s what I was waiting for.


If it was priced the same as the 5 Pro I could overlook the odd shape and the proprietary watch bands. But to have both of those issues AND wanting to sell them for that price, is a full deal breaker. I don’t care how “great” the watch is.


They say that health sensors are 30% more accurate so now I’m wondering if it’s true.
I hope someone will make a test and publish the results.

Biosensors are (models before watch 7) good but not great, specially during workouts.
Heart rate is all over the place sometimes, exercises where muscles under the watch are moving confuse the watch. Like rowing machine: heart rate goes crazy, totally inaccurate, one moment it shows 80 beats and the next moment 110 beats.

So let’s wait and see if there is some improvement in that filed.


I like Ultra.:slight_smile:
When will the support be please?
Thank You


Facer_OfficialFacer Staff



:warning: Important announcement for Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra users

Hi all,

As some of you have noticed, the recently announced Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra are NOT compatible with Facer due an unexpected policy change from Google. At this stage, you will NOT be able to use Facer and a large number of other 3rd party watch faces on these new smartwatches, and we therefore cannot recommend them.

We are actively working with Google and Samsung to resolve the issue, and will be issuing a more detailed update on all our channels in the coming days.

Thanks for your patience!

⁃The Facer team


Samsung fan boy. Happy with the ultra but not the early incompatibility with a few apps. This reminds me of my orange Tissot T-Touch.
I love the bulk and the 100atm for surfing and diving. Its not for everybody. They gave me $350 trade in for my classic 6 so with discounts it was $249. A great value if you ask me.


I jumped in myself with the preorder of the Ultra. I got $350 trade-in on my GW 5 Pro plus a free $80 watchband also. Now to wait until July 24th for the delivery.


They did it…

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