Help making watch hands...!

Hi all,

Two things.

  1. How on earth do you make custom watch hands??? I’m using Autodesk’s Sketchbook, setting canvas size to 640x480 but when I upload it the dimensions are 320x240…???

  2. When I upload the image whether .png, .jpg, .tiff or whatever it always shows a background and I just can’t for the life of me get the background to be transparent even though the layer is transparent in Sketchbook…!!!

Please…anyone??? What the heck is going on???

Hi @brundlefly1969

I don‘t know Autodesk Sketchbook but you definitly have to save .png. The size of your picture will reduced by facer creator automatically for better performance.

Mabybe you should have a closer look at the settings in Sketchbook (saving with/without alphachannel). It could be that you are asked while saving in png if you want a transparent background.

Maybe this link could help:



Hello brundlefly1969 to customize the hands I use
follow the link as a guide, good work and thanks to Linlay I managed to do something more.

Perfect thank you.