Help with gauges

Need help with temp and battery gauges.
thank you

Check out this thread on battery gauges How to make battery level appear as a gauge with needle?

And here is a great thread on temperature dials Problem: temperature C/F rotational

These should get you pointed in the correct direction

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thank you

Still having some trouble with the battery gauge, it gets down to 1/4 full and flips to straight up position for a moment then continues. any ideas?

That won’t work, take a closer look at the link mrantisocialguy provided. You forgot to account for the destination degree and angle your dangle without nondeterministic manifold elements while keeping track of the total operators. You need to either recalibrate your dihedral field and create non-degenerate Markov chains, OR copy and paste this formula in the rotation field of your battery needle:


The formula I used was based on the link provided by mrantisocialguy in the section by [eradicator09]. I tried the second and it did nothing, it had 0 movement.

I just put in what you gave and it is MUCH better, but the problem remains, just not as noticeable.

Try it this way

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Ah I see - that’s actually a different problem than before. Facer displays a watch battery of zero percent as zero degrees - sticking straight up. Theoretically this isn’t a problem because once the watch’s battery is depleted, nothing will be displayed, so nobody will notice except the editor. lucky.andrei posted a workaround conditional to avoid that confusion, although it doesn’t affect end-user experience.

This is the portion from that tutorial that’s key to the whole thing:

is translated as:
(THE START ANGLE+([Batt % / 100]) * The total angle you want the needle to move)

Your initial formula didn’t have all three parts. Once I got that down I started making needles that gauged everything. Heartrate, stepcount, whatever you want

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Thank you all much for the help!

I’ve gone so far as to make an extra battery hand and just place it at zero with a cover that only disappears at --% battery percentage. I have the real one with a opacity tag for 1% or more so that when the battery goes to --% it goes away and doesn’t point straight up. That only works from 11:52 PM (23:52 hrs) until midnight when Facer resets the displayed battery percentage to 100. That’s just to satisfy my OCD tendencies. :laughing:


Definatly a dihedral field mis-calibration!