Is Pro Creator Membership worth it?

I have created over 400 Watch Faces and have really been enjoying doing it. I just purchased the annual Pro-Membership for Creator and I really don’t see much of a difference in options.

Maybe I am missing stuff, can someone give me an overview of the differences between the basic and the Pro?



Welcome and congratulations for joining the Pro club! For me, it is worth it as I do want certain Pro features.

Some aspects of Pro features (variables and interactive controls) are touched on in the post below. These let you to, among other things, interactively control elements on your face, such as toggle elements on/off on demand, move elements off-screen on demand, etc.

Other features you get in Pro include a functioning chronograph and theme colors. One of the important ones for me is the theme colors: it lets the user select the color they want for one element or for a set of elements (albeit, a single color selection), for example the background color. As another example, I have used this theme color feature in combination with 2 toggle controls, to toggle/flip between black or white hands and black or white markers/digits on an analog face.

More features are listed here with links to details:


What I have found is that it causes more work on my end, but also much more flexibility in the creative process. Allowing people to select their own colors saves getting dozens of requests of, “I love your face, can you make it in XXXX color?”. I’ve only been a Pro user now for about a month and I’m still exploring what all it can allow you to do. The more I play with it, the more I learn and add into my watch faces. Congratulations on your upgrade!


I opted for pro because like chronograph watches. And I do not always like the default theme colors, so I create my own few colors I like. You can also display several faces if you use the variables. Most complex face I created, uses all variables, has a digital and analog face, stopwatch in both faces, a weather chart, etc.: TX-CR24 Speedline. (If you want to test the face in the browser, don’t forget to “unlock” first…:wink:
I just enjoy creating that sort of stuff…


I opted for pro because it’s $6.00 a month, so why the hell not? :joy::joy::joy:

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So far I haven’t noticed a difference. but I’m going to try to learn new tricks, if I find them I’ll comment back on this.

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@kirium0212 in the UK a cup of Coffee when you are out doors is about $6 . You can get two small Ice Cream cones for a similar sum :::)))

@bmstebbing Check these documents and see what is on offer if you are a Pro . Check out #VAR_1_TE# my Personal Favourite .