[KNOWN ISSUE] Step counter issues on Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5

Steps from “custom complications” uses different source of data, that’s why it works.

Clearly, CC’s do use a different source of data. I am curious though - I have a Pixel Watch so I’m happy, BUT what about you folks with Samsung, etc.? It would be lovely to have a consistent data source so that #ZCS# would also work. Am I dreaming?

#ZSC# works fine on the Galaxy 4 and 5 watches now. It was fixed fairly quickly after the problem developed. As of now the Pixel Watch is the only one that hasn’t been fixed and I think it’s Google dragging their feet trying to push people towards the Fitbit heath subscriptions. They are not concerned with Facer or their many users. I don’t trust Google any farther than I can throw their headquarters building.

I guess my question is do custom complications work on the Galaxy 4 and 5 watches? It’s nice to have a variation that works on the Pixel even though CC’s have their own set of issues - I guess nothing’s perfect. I’d like to be able to make some free faces, but a CC turns the face immediately into premium. Oh and that awful flashing shoe!!! Other icons (calories, active zone minutes, etc.) don’t flash - just the shoe. If Facer could fix that, the CC’s would be a great solution even if they have to be Premium.

As far as I can tell they work just fine. At least they function OK for my GW5 Pro. They also work on my Fossil Carlyle gen 5 test watch.

That’s good to know. Designing faces that just work on the Pixel wouldn’t be much fun. Thanks.

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Hello all - now that Wear OS4 has landed; is there any hope for a solution to the step counter problem on the Pixel Watch? I’m thinking that developers might know since they have had opportunities to play with it.

I think it will be a little time before Face updates to WOS4 . I am not sure if it is eve available for WFS . Everyone is avoiding the Upgrades because it is a bit of a mess .

I’m hoping that Facer doesn’t need to do anything. If Google sends Wear OS 4 to the Pixel Watch, that will either make a real mess or fix the current messes. There’s a feature update due in September, so maybe that will be it.

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Facer will have an extraordinary amount of work to to to ensure thier platform is compatible with WOS4 . :rofl::blush:

However, Wear OS 4 has been available to developers and engineers for some time now - just not for us ordinary folk. I’m hoping Facer has gotten ready. Perhaps I am dreaming. :smile_cat:

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Meanwhile, if I want my Pixel Watch to count steps past 999, I’m stuck with these customizable complications. They would address the problem if there was a way to make the text a bit larger. This one is set to Large. On my watch it’s barely readable. Anyway, that’s a minor annoyance.

Do you know the best way to “send to watch?” I know it has to go all the way to LA, but I keep getting previous versions on the watch. When testing, that’s a royal pain.


Shut down the web browser you use and clear the recents cache then it should show the correct version and be able to sync it. Never sync from the Watchbox because it only has the saved version you last synced not the newest one.

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Many thanks - that did the trick.

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Also if you Duplicate Something that has been published before as a Starting template for a New Face in the series . Marvin gets confused and can not update the File name correctly . You can always copy an paste the description from the Preview . Save you typing it . I made the mistake loads of times till I realised the Problem :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

It’s not fixed for galaxy watch 4 I have done everything they say to do have set all the permissions asked for and rest watch half a dozen times over and still no step count! The watch is counting the step as I can see them if I wipe right to Samsung Heath , they just ain’t working on FACER, can anyone recommend a different place to get faces for galaxy watches please, I’m feed up with FACER!

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Have you tried the MAGic Trick of swapping to a Preloaded Face ( manufacturer’s ) and then back to your Facer one .
There are Tons of Face Making Apps out there . Don’t ask US to recomend Something . Do a bit of a Search . I will give you a Clue . Google .


Welcome, Kevin. I hear you - I get fed up with Facer routinely, BUT, always end up going back to my favorite Facer faces because I don’t like any of the native Google Pixel faces (just me - I’m picky) and most of what can be found on the Play Store either won’t load or has other problems. The step counter is a Wear OS problem, not Facer, and Google doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to fix it. There are a very few Facer faces where the step counter works (I know, I’ve made them). Sorry, they are premium faces, not free - that’s what it takes to make those tags work. Message me and I’ll point you in that direction.


revmarcia558, I agree 100%.

Facer makes me angry occasionally but I always come back.
There is nothing better on the market.

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I have a Pixel Watch 2. I created a face for it, all works well, except the step count does not go greater than 9999. Does anyone know if this issue is being worked on?

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