Noob question about Apple Watch creator

Hi, I just got my first smart watch (an Apple SE) two days ago and was wanting to create a face for it. But in the creator I’m only seeing the option to add a photo. It’s not even letting me move the pre-placed time readout. And there is no option to add complications.

My question is, do those options become available if I upgrade to a premium membership? Or are those options only available to people accepted into the Apple Watch Beta?


The answer is No to both of your questions.
A Premium Membership permits its members to wear all faces free as well as paid. It also removes ads from the phone app and increases the Watchbox capacity on your watch.

A Facer Creator Pro Subscription is a tier of Creator. It gives you access to the Pro Tools for creating Free and Paid watch faces for Wear OS and Samsung.

Pro Tools for Apple are not available to Pro Members at this time. The Pro Tools for Apple are still being developed.