Step count showing Zero (Ticwatch Pro 3)

Watch: TicWatch Pro 3 GPS 0700 model WH12018
System version H MR1
Sec patch level 1 August 2020
Wear OS v2.19
Facer app v

Phone: Android 10 July Security patch
Apps: Google Fit v2.41.21-130
Wear OS v2.40.0.327037220.gms
MobVoi App v3.17.0-1158.496
Facer (this is currently in the beta programme)

Any facer watch face does not register/show the step count. It just shows a zero all times of the day
Other faces do display fine, stock faces, watchmaker and puje black (or whatever its called)
Google fit is counting the steps successfully, and they match with other faces
Other counters are working, HR, battery levels etc.

What ive tried:
Ive googled this extensively, and come up with results that are similar and/or claimed to be fixed already. For example,

Additionally, all unsuccessful
A lot of suggestions as per the above links…
Ive reinstalled facer app, wearos apps, gfit apps on phone and watch
Ive tried being on the facer beta, and also not
Ive tried making my own draft, AND published basic faces
Reset ALL permissions between facer and google fit (Im assuming google fit sends its data to facer?)
Also reset permissions for the ticwatch health app (this also tracks steps etc.) to facer

What I have NOT done, is factory reset my phone/watch - that seems a bit extreme to me atm, and for probably, an unsuccessful results

Is there anything else I can provide to help you guys troubleshoot and squash this bug?

Any ideas now? Im about to bin off the idea of having steps on the main screen and/or just using another watch face app, which is a shame, because facer has the best face creation tool by FAR and I was considering a subscription…


It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact Facer Help Request at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

Thanks, Ive submitted a support request! :slight_smile:

PS, some of your watch faces are awesome… currently rocking MAG445 (with zero steps :smiley: )

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Hi, did you get a fix for this? My Ticwatch Pro 3 has recently stopped counters for
The heart rate is very inaccurate too!
A recent Facer update didn’t fix it.