Support, does it exist?

I’m a paying premium and creator customer, opened a support request OVER a week ago (reference ID: 118300 in case admin is here?) and heard nothing back, is this what to expect here?, I’m curious to anyone else that’s dealt with support.

Being honest, I’m at a point of cancelling everything as clearly Facer isn’t ready for Watch 6. Using creator not only slows down the watch but I’m seeing significant battery use now.
At the weekend I tried out the Samsung Watch Face Studio app, and was blown away by having curved text and other bits missing from creator, but more importantly it runs a dream on my Watch 6.

I have an old Gear 3 Frontier which runs FASTER than my Watch 6 when running Facer, so clearly a bug.

A shame, since as a new customer I was quite excited, now the honeymoon is over unless support get back to me with a rough idea to when Facer is fully ready for Watch 6 etc.

There is a topic about watch6 problems

Don’t count on Support, I’ve never received any answer to my questions.
The best way to solve a problem is to post it here. If there is a solution someone will offer it here.

Samsung watch Studio VS Facer is topic that has been discused here many times.

I’ve tried both and in my opinion Facer is better. WFS is faster and there are some goodies Facer don’t have but Facer allows more programing.
So I’m sticking with Facer.


I was told to use a different ID than then one in this community or Facer for support tickets for some reason, and I did so and I did get a response for them.

It may also help to add @Facer_Official in this thread. They do respond now and again.

Cannot comment on your watch type though… I have had issues with my old ticwatch, but then it was an old Snapdragon 2100 processor generation. Quite happy with my current ticwatch with the Snapdragon 3100.

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maximilianoemmanuel wrote:

“there is a Facer bug in watch6…software engineers are currently working on a patch”

It was the same when watch4 came out, then the same with watch5…now with watch6. It just takes some time.

Watchfaces bough in Google Store or made with Samsung Watch Studio still cannot show live heartrate. Facer can.
Always cons and pros.


Thanks for the replies thus far, it’s appreciated.
I’m sadned to read support is non-existant, that’s a nail in the coffin if they never get back to me.

As masterboyhr has pasted, a bug with Watch6 exists. But it would be nice to see some notification or a simple reply from support to say as such and not find out here (no disrespect to you guys!)

Also, I found no issue on my first Watch 6 classic with heartrate on my own or Google store (or Samsung Watch Studio) faces, works 100%.
But I bought a 2nd Watch6 Classic yesterday which did not work on heartrate, but upon reading documentation Samsung suggest a cold reboot (press both keys for 7 seconds) and not a simple reboot, and boom… fixed it.

It’s all a shame as I thought I was here for the long-term, and yes Creator has more programmable elements which Samsung Watch Face Studio app does not, but right now I can’t create my own faces for my Watch6’s. The lack of reply has probably made my desicision.

Thanks again to those have replied already above. I can see great value in Facer, they clearly don’t have a PR or marketing division :wink:


The Two Button Reboot has been flagged up here a few times . We used to be able to get into the Factory Settings and Clear the Cache . Sadly that will not work any more . @Astradyne please stay with Us I feel your contribution will be very Valuable here . I think it is an Extraordinary Problem that is trying to be fixed by Three Industrial Giants Google , Samsung and Apple. Facer is in there somewhere as a Passenger .
I am not surprised at all that you need a seperate ID to get a Response from Facer . Having said that I have Flagged up Abuse and Get a response about that .


It is not non-existant. It just takes a while. Facer has a small staff. They are doing the best they can. There is also an Instagram account and a Facebook Group where you can contact admin. I notice that they have a couple of job openings if you are interested.


Linlay we don’t want any paid job!

We work for free!!! We work for glory!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Thanks for your help everyone, but out of principle I’ve cancelled my subscription and will avoid Facer, if they can’t offer minimal support (i.e. a reply by email) then clearly they’re not interested in keeping customers.
I’ve gone to the dark side, and actually glad I’ve done so by using Samsung’s own Watch Face designer software which does more than Facer Creator.

I wish most of you good luck as I know you love this platform here, fine unless you own a Watch 6 of course.

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Shame . They updated the UI today . So to be clear are you going to Galaxy Watch Designer or Watch Face Studio . The designer is for Tizen . Sadly GWS lacks a lot Facer has . However they have curved Text and Round Ended Progress Bars . Enjoy . See you over there .

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Thanks russellcresser.
I will miss the community here for sure.

I’ve tried out Watch Face Studio, and the curved text & rounded progress bars were two things I REALLY wanted, I’m a bit new to this but already have designed a face for my two Watch 6 Classics using a Theme colour option, flashing heart icon (same sort of coding in the opacacity fields) and quite honestly found nothing I can’t do in it compared to Creator, plus it’s free, local files (which I prefer)

I had intended to design many more and publish, but I don’t want to do that on a platform not ready for these watches, or have any support.


Samsung Watch Face Studio

Real world…



Yes . Local File storage is a Bonus for sure . I love your Red Stripe through the Band and the Face. I bet that is a favourite of yours . I am glad you found the syncing of Faces to your watch OK . Some IT experience is useful . Next step to get your work on the Store . I miss Sunrise Sunset stuff but their Moon Tags are Brilliant . Best I catch you over there . It is a bit like cheating doing this here .

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@Astradyne Hello Richard, I surely understand your arguments and respect your decision. I only work till now with Facer. I feel we face makers are important to push F towards new heights, like with most software. It’s the unseen capital and a normal functioning and responding support is equal essential. Because of this imperfect world, we as face makers often search in every corner to find what is often is called, work around. Now your remark about not finding rounded progress bars triggered me to take up this challenge, because I like that. So, take a look at this face, open for inspection, I made for example for the steps. Is this what you are looking for? Greetings Patrick

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Ah nice, yes I can see what you’ve done to workaround, nice solution!

And I appreciate you sharing. Sadly I’ve already gone through the process now of cancellation here, and to be fair Facer have finally (after 2 weeks) asked why I want to cancel… and they’ve asked me to submit a video of the bugs which I’ve done.

It was mainly because I could not use Creator on Samsung Watch 6 I switched to the “dark side” as russellcresser says it feels like cheating :wink: but actually curved text was another “wow” moment for me. Plus the whole “local” means no subscription and never rely on a third party as such.

Had Facer had some decent support, I’d stayed. But 2 weeks of silence was unacceptable and I’ve zero tolerance for non-reply for help on something I pay for. I just couldn’t commit myself to start building and publishing on a platform where the company cares f*** all from what it felt like with an amazing set of community members like yourselves! … sorry to rant, I wanted to stay as you can probably tell but now have switched.


Well said. I agree 100%.

Customers who are paying for service should be treated with respect.


Does “the dark side” provide more timely support?

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Good question, in time I’ll find out. But having only just paid for Facer Premium & Creator, only to find it’s not working as expected, I felt no option to jump.
That said, the dark side works 100%. And to be fair since 2016 I’d only ever used Samsung’s own software, so for 7 years it’s worked well (mostly Tizen) and my short introduction into Facer wasn’t a good one sadly.

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Oh, ok. I was just curious. I have no experience with Samsung except for their appliances which were a disappointment. I got tired of calling for warranty repairs so I wasn’t about to enter into their world of watches.

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I am sorry you have had issues with Samsung devices . There are some of us that can not afford the more expensive options . I would certainly expect them to perform better . There are problems over on the Dark Side . However there are a few responders on their Community Forum , to mention but one " Ron " , feedback is provided there by them on any of the technical issues of which there are many . As you know the Publishing thing over there is different . Bit of an Idiot Filter really . We should be very Happy with the work of Samsung and Google as they are Developing an important OS for Smart Watches . Facer would not exist without Samsung watches .
Please understand I do not want you to think I am Beating you with the same old Stick . But I and many others really feel that Facer could offer some explanation to the Community .