[TOMAJA Micro Video Tutorial] How to draw a gear in seconds using PowerPoint

Hi all,

here is a simple process how to get a photo realistic gear using Microsoft Power Point. So let’s imagine you would like to have this:

In the first step, let draw the basic structure with some circles.

In the second step, we could just tune it with some more objects, materials, 3D effects and shadows.

At the end, if you wish let put the brand on it.

Ready :wink: Do you :heart: it?


Thank you for this information!! :grin:

Really stunning what you do with Powerpoint!

I am impressed.

Here is my first one with power point, basic but remember it is my first. There are still some items I need to work on but I will get the hang of it soon. Thanks for this post @Tomas


Hi @cnaudiffred, Great! If you have any question please just write a short message :wink:

Well, @GAUSS I told ya :wink: If you like, we could make a kind of championship PHOTOSHOP vs. POWERPOINT (in contrast to the perfect cooperation at another project) …

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Well the reason I need something like PowerPoint(which I have always had, just never imagined graphic design with it) is because at work I cannot use Photoshop. So I needed an alternative. For most of my other Photoshop needs I use www.pixlr.com

So I will start messing around with PowerPoint until I perfect it, then implement it on a watch design.
This was just to see my new gears in motion :slight_smile:


I think i would loose that championship, lol.

I am working with a stone old PS6.0-Version. Need a Sponsor for a new one… :wink:

I could construct a gear like that in Autocad in minutes and do the texturing in Photoshop, that‘s my way…

So good :wink: But Autocad is also not the cheapest product on the market…

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Fascinating. I’m a Photoshop girl and would never have thought to use PowerPoint.


I use both but didn’t realise you could get such good results with PowerPoint!


:wink: the latest versions of Powerpoint are really close to a graphic software and they have incredible value for the micro money you pay…

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Nice tutorial thank you, I do not use photoshop or powerpoint :slight_smile: I use solidworks for gear design or any other designs.

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Wow @Tomas PowerPoint can actually bend text? I dont know where that is in PP.

I’m sorry I do have a German version:

Hopefully you can localized it anyway :wink:

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Ah, but Fusion 360 is - I love it for technical drawing and 3D design.


Quick question since I wanted to try this magic out. What size are you making these? Do you change the slide size or just go for a overall shape size. after you create it, how do you save as a transparent png?

… I am not home at my desktop right now, so I just try to describe it with words :wink:

1 - square slide size is an clear advantage… I use 10 cm x 10 cm square, which gives me perfect resolution for facer creator

2 - saving as png is the most easiest thing on the world, you ever did :slight_smile: please just select whatever you like (objects in powerpoint) and use right mouse button… there is something like “save picture as”…


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Not as experienced as @Tomas but, I did my test one at 4.3" x 4.3" and just scaled down for watch…to save as a picture you select it (click on it) then right click, then save as picture. and just change the type to PNG before you save it.

Neat. I just did a presentation for a promotion at work and reminded me to check out your method of using PowerPoint. So far looks like a cool tool to use. Could the same be done in MS Word. Any benefit for one over the other? I wonder about Visio as well.

Hi @eradicator09 , the main difference between MS Word and MS PowerPoint I see according to watch face design is the “floating” of text and objects in Word. Due to Visio I do not have any experiences yet.