[TOMAJA Tutorial] Super Simple Basic 3D Effects & Shadows - ONE EFFECT

Hi there,

today I will show you a really super simple effect how you could create a 3D effect and shadow (incl. dynamic hand shadows). All of this without any graphic software - using only the basic FACER CREATOR objects (and text as well):

As you see I was using only the standard set colors, everybody gets for the first time creating a new own watch face. Just to show the pure 3D & shadow effect.

Here is the (simplified) starting position you have at the beginning (one 2D object):

Super Simple 3D Effect

From now on, we will use always the same procedure:

Duplicate (copy) & Change = Super Simple!

Now, just copy the object please:

Select the new second one (under your original object) just to be sure that you are modifying the right one:

Change slightly the position (to right down) of the new object with the arrows, or much better (with a fine movements) in a combination with shift:

Change the color to black please as well:

Alternatively, you could be very precise be movements using advance settings:

…in the new menu on the right site:

Anyway, you should get something like this:

Now to be more realistic and simulate a soft light source, it would be great to change the transparency of the black object to, let say, 80% (or 40% :slight_smile: ) here:

…or here in the advanced settings:

Your picture will be just slightly changed:

In the next step please duplicate and change (position and color to white) your original object again.

Let change also the transparency to 70% or 80% as you like:

Actually, we are close, however according to the object let’s try to play around with the position (and dimensions) of new object. At the end it should fits similar to next picture (I am sorry that this is something I did not told you before, however it is more clear and easier to explain using bigger objects and movements):

Right now, you could see, that there is a kind of 3D object growing. To help the 3D illusion a little bit more you could add (duplication again) a new fourth object to the top, which is smaller and lighter (color change):

Sometime I put a light dot (white small circle):

Into the corner:

Super Simple (Dynamic) Shadow

The most used shadow in my watch collection is (of course) the hand shadow and it’s really easy to do. You already now the process. Duplicate, change the position, color and transparency (now app. 40% :wink: ) to get this:

Here the final comparison of the object before and after:

Comparison with more objects:

So, with this super simple effect you are able to bring 3D & shadow life into your new watch face also without another professional graphic software. Good thing is, that you could use this effect for objects, as well for text. According to this tutorial, there is one watch face in my collection prepared only in this way:

Finally, when you want to look at this real working watch face closer, please use so called inspection mode and you will see every object and every detail, how it’s done:

Hopefully, this tutorial helps you to start and create new great watch faces ;).


Thanks @Tomas! Simple, easy to follow, and best of all, encouraging!
Well done :clap:

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Question is how on earth Facer app “know” how to move to the left and right shadow to simulate moving shadow of the hands.I mean that when the hands moving around the face, one time the shadow is on the hand left side of the hand and then its moves to the right.
There is no special settings on the Facer editor anywhere, or I missed something.
This really bugger me :wink:
Does anyone know this sweet mystery?

Because it is a copy of the regular hand just moved to the lower right a bit so it still rotates with the normal hand but will stay to the lower right because you moved the center pivot point. I hope this makes more sense haha.

Technically in this case it should stay in one position all the time, not move left and right of the hand whilst passing some “drop light” center point, right?
Where is all that magic going on? :wink:

Wait, you right Orion, they key is the center pivot point.I need to check it.

Haha no worries. It’s just a different aspect of thinking

I just came back from watching this face in the Inspector mode.
And I am still not convinced.
Problem is that the pivot point for the shadow hand moving in circle around the pivot point of the regular hand.
I am trying to figure out algorithm for it.