TOP 10 Designers - Dynamic Growth in the Last 90 Days

Hello after two weeks,

as the (almost) same topic :wink: Best designers and some statistic data. Last time I showed you the absolute numbers of followers and watch faces amount.

TOP 10 Designers at Facer

Today, I would like to present you another point of view according to the increased follower number and how the watch face collection of leading designers is growing.

(I am observing the statistic date only at so called “Featured Designers”. However I found a guy, who is not listed as a features designer and has at the moment 716 followers as well 535 watch faces in his collection. With this background he actually should be at the place 8 in Top 10)

And here is the diagram with the actual followers growth rate.

The highest increase since January 16, 2018 reached “wutronic” followed by “SWF”. 25% growth of followers in the last 90 days reached “Predator”, “@GRR” and “INMotion”. “tr0n09” (@eradicator09), “TactTwo Tactical” (@TAC2TAC), “Timeless Watch Faces”, “Waldhoff” as well “G7” could gain 20% more followers in comparisson to the starting point (Jan, 16, 2018).

(Predator is actually still the number TOP 11 at the moment, however as the main follower of TOP 10 has the best chance to jump in soon or later)

Let`s have a look to the quantity of watch faces and their growth rate in the last weeks. The absolute number of watch faces at TOP 10 Designers vary extremely (between 3 and 489), therefore I will show you the relative increase (decrease) according to the designer (house).

The (relatively) most productive designers in the last 90 days were:

Predator … +28 watch faces in absolute number
tr0n09 … +14
wutronic … +1
Tactwo Tactical … +5
G7 … +21


GRR … +6

Beside this general statistic date about the best Facer Designers I am publishing also a kind of “personal data statistic” about my own TOMAJA Design collection - My TOP 10 Watch Face Disasters. Both with interesting tips in the discussion from e.g. @roycaruso, @pacingpoet & @hayden.


I’ve seen quite a few users that have large followings. Many seem to fit the “clone” market. One in particular is near 3000 followers with over 300 faces (mostly TAG, Breitling, and Rolex clones).


…I am really surprised…

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Once again @Tomas , some fantastic info here. Thank you so much for the insight. As @eradicator09 says, creating copyright infringing faces seems to yield a lot of followers too (until you get busted, of course :wink:). Glad to see people with original designs gaining so much traction.

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