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Watch 4: real time heartrate/pulse solved

If you are like myself and want to see live/realtime heartbeat/heartrate/pulse on your Samsung watch 4, there is a new solution:

There is a new app “Heart Rate Complication”:

  • instal the app
  • make watchface with complications (sorry, Facer Creator PRO users only)
  • set Complication (on your watch) to “Heart Rate Complication”

Voila! Now you have live heartrate, just like we had on Watch 3.

link to app (not my app, I’m not advertising):

or search for “Heart Rate Complication” in Google Store, watch section.

Same thing for Calories/distance/floors but different app:

or search for “Health Services Complications”, watch section.

There is new “Health Connect API”, Google and Samsung are working on it, I hope it will be implemented by Facer soon and the problem will be solved.

If you are interested watch: