[Watchface] Black Pearl (NEW)

So, i’m playing with something not my usual style. Its work inprocess and as you know only with MS Paint & png tools because of Company laptop restrictions but hey its coming along >>

I need to look up some of Mike’s hands for a better suit. Any other tips or offerings towards welcome as always :smiley:

Needs something more in the bottom dial. Cant decide what but ideally something that requires a needle.


Hi @dave6
Coming along nicely!
I would move the hour & minute hand layers above the Heart Rate & Temp dials. At the moment it looks like they are underneath and they cross the centres of each dial.
For the bottom dial, you could add a battery gauge there too. e.g. Empty/Full or 0-100 etc.

Never noticed that, will take a look thank you. I just installed a couple of @mikeoday 3D hands too. Thansk Mike :wink:

I’d like to add a battery gauge but thats a new one for me. Perhaps you can help with the code for that.

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I think on that note, i’d like an upside battery dial. with a 180 sweep.

Think this face i was working on yesterday has what you want mate have a look

Its the top hand ok i will put it into inspection mode ok


Yep, that works mate, thank you. Am tweaking it now :thumbsup:

Sure, you’ll need something like this on the rotation for the hand

I explain it in this thread here as well.


Thank you, I think I nailed it from Dazzo’s example.

I just need to 3D it all up a bit now. to tidy it. With some shadows etc…

ok, some more touch ups, what does it need, or have i missed. Not sorted DIM mode yet i know.

Looking really good :thumbsup:

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Thank you, Am really pleased with it so far. I can see how these type of faces are so addictive.

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Wonderful! I really like the graduated shading and the sub-diials are great!

Thank you. I borrowed your hands too :slight_smile:

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Make a cannon shoot off at the turn of each hour!

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Love the way your mind works

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The hands go well with the double tick marks. :slight_smile:

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Just looking at more of your hands for another one i have on the go. Need some 3D gold ones :wink:

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Not sure if they suit but there is the set “3D 07” in the thread 3D Arrow Hands - Set 1

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