Will Facer work with Samsung Watch 4 (WearOS 3)?

Right now I have a Watch 3 Tizen and pre-ordered the Watch4 will the WearOS face work on the Watch4? Are there any developers out there that have been developing on Watch4 or working within WearOS 3?

Yes. In fact a new version rolled out today with wear OS 3 support.


Ive tried new version with galaxy watch 4 but cant get companion apps on my watch …

I don’t have a Galaxy 4 so I can’t offer advise how to set it up, but I have seen photos of Facer working on a Galaxy 4 so I know it’s supported.

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I have GW4 and the problem for me is that it does not read Samsung Health correctly for steps.
I have no idea where it is trying to get data from…I have 3600 steps in Samsung Health, 3381 in Google Fit (synced via Health Synch app) but watch shows 408 steps.

My Watch has Samsung Health set as the Health app and if I click the steps it opens the summary with the correct details so why won’t the watch show the steps correctly.


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Cordially JDCardozo

Hello, it is just my guess, but Samsung probably does not send s-health data to third party apps, so they have to measure on their own. If you sync the app after doing some steps in the day, the data wont match. Maybe let it be there longer, so the midnight reset syncs the both measurements.

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Thanks, I’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

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How could you get the companion app for gw4 ??as mine not showing companion app

When I used the app on the phone it triggered tbe install on the watch.

Can also go into Google Store on the watch and get it there.

Same here, exact problem, have contacted facer as this was not an issue on my previous GW3. No option in app settings to allow access to health info such as steps etc.

I tried Mr Time and same issue.
Hope they can work it out and get access otherwise I’m stuck with Galaxy Store faces as even Play store watch faces currently have no option to choose GFit ot Samsung Health

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Same here, have raised with facer and samsung, hopefully it’s just an early glitch

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You need to download facer app to your Samsung watch 4 then the app will connect to the app on your phone.

I have the same problem, is there away to get a refund until this is corrected?

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Me too, have the exact same issue. I like the facer faces way better than the standard ones, but untill the step, HR, distance etc. are correct I am still going to be sticking to the standard ones. I was debating to buy pro to use more faces but not untill its fixed.

Yeah pretty disappointed that so many of the metrics in Samsung health don’t appear in facer faces properly. Has anyone gotten an official response from facer on this? I know Samsung health has an api so assuming that would be accessible data.

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On install facer does ask to use metrics etc. so I’d assume that the steps and such are accessible by facer and thus can be used. So I find it strange that incorrect data is shown.

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Ya, same issue, makes it pretty useless

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I’m also commenting to get notified of any fixes. Platform seems great and watch faces are very nice but until my weather, steps, heartrate and other metrics read correctly I will patiently wait before purchasing anything.