[FIXED] Tizen iOS Sync Issue Support Post

Hi guys - We are getting reports that syncing faces when a Tizen device is connected to the iOS Facer app is currently not working on the latest version of Tizen (v4.0.0.4).

We are aware of the issue and are actively investigating it with Samsung. Though the underlying problem might require an update from Samsung before it’s fixed, we are also working on our side to figure out ways to implement a workaround in the meantime so that things can get fixed ASAP.

If you have any questions about this issue, please reply to this thread. We will be posting updates here as we have them.

Thank you!

#6/19/19 UPDATE

The v5.1.11.5_ios Facer companion app is now available on the Galaxy Store for iPhone with a workaround for the bug that’s in Tizen Here are instructions for how to use the workaround:

  1. Update to the latest version of the iOS companion on the Galaxy Store (v5.1.11.5_ios)
  2. Log in to your Facer account in the Facer iOS app (NOTE: a Facer account is required for the workaround)
  3. Sync a face
  4. Open the triple tap menu on the watch & the last face you tried to sync should automatically load into the ‘current’ section of the menu
  5. Tap this face and it will sync

Again, this is just a temporary workaround until the underlying issue is fixed. We are still in active discussions with Samsung engineering to get this figured out.

& Thanks for your patience with this workaround! We’ll continue using this thread to provide support with the workaround and updates about the push note fix.

#6/26/19 UPDATE

We have GOOD news, this is issue is now fixed! No need to update, syncing on the current release should now be working (i.e. no more need for the workaround).

Thanks to all for your patience as we looked into this!


Just to remind you: Can`t send/sync faces on my watch
was my thread. And I have the same problem with an Android Phone / Android Facer App.

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Thanks Marcus. If you can keep us all posted i’m sure we would all be grateful. In the meantime I have decided to purchase a cheap Samsung phone to use with my Galaxy Watch. This way I can use Facer and get all the full benefits and features of using the watch.

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Thanks marcus for putting this post up!!

Can Facer somehow temp implement syncing on the Facer tizen app / face so that it works like the quick picks you get in the face? i can install faces that show up in my quick picks on my Gear Sport and Tizen v4.0.0.4 but can’t push any faces to it. Or perhaps allow the quick picks to randomly show faces from one’s own account as a temp work around? my issue is that i just want the faces i made to show up and not some random one.

also a heads up; if you have HORRIBLE battery life after the Tizen updates; reset your Samsung watches completely and repair. I was getting a mere 5 hours the last few days and finally decided to reset completely since i had to the last time we got Tizen 4.0 and battery is now back to normal (77% half way through the day).


Any updates? X


I am also experiencing the same issue.
ive emailed most of the forms of contact that are listed with no reply.

ios to gear s3 classic
not working since newest wattch update.

any news??

Well I am another user that is unable to download or push the facer to my watch. I’d been using the Facer app for awhile, in the past I’d been having some issues but not like this one. I have delete/install the Facer App match the barcode (stating is pair and good to go) and try to send facers to my watch from my favorite faces, it shows that has been sent but nothing happens afterward. I know you guys are trying to figure out what’s wrong. Please keeps us up to date if you find a solution to this huge problem as right now we can’t use the Facer app at all. I am using an iPhone sync with my Gear 3 frontier.

Thank You


same here ios to gear s3 classic it says sent but will not send

Same here with iOS and Samsung Galaxy Watch.
I tried to install facer app in the iPhone and Watch and nothing worked. The only thing that worked for a while was when I logout from Facer App in the iPhone and only one face synced correct. The next faces gave me the same error.

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I got one to sync yesterday, nothing since. Gear S3 Frontier + iPhone.

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Getting them to sync now. Tricky.

I seem to have to delete faces before I can sync new ones.
It also seems to need the Samsung app either open on in the background.
Sometimes it takes more than one click to sync.
It also seems that i have to wait til the little animation that says “send to watch” finishes fading in before i click it.

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@Rator is your watch on Tizen

can you send me a play by play on how you got them to sync?

Ive had 3 syncs since the update that went thru and cannot recreate it no matter how hard i try.

as of june 11th still zero faces have synced for me. quick picks work but that’s all.

time for me to actually start digging into the tizen changelogs and tracking down issues. is the issue isolated to iOS phone users or are android users having issues too?


havent heard anyone having issues on samsung phones. my wife just got a watch two days ago and hasnt had a single issue syncing she synced it in one click for every single watch face

@Facer_Official @Facer-Staff do you guys have a work around for now? Something to keep us here and using facer?
any way to put our watchfaces in our quick picks? give us a “daily mix” of our own faces with unlimited refresh? Something please.


Ditto this! Getting frustrating with no response from facer :frowning: