[TOMAJA Tutorial] Full Circle Indicator - Single and Multiple Color Circle Principle

There is already a great tutorial for battery indicator as a circle from @jmorga106 and example watch from @Mellin, however I would like to present you a little bit adapted method for displaying battery, steps, minutes, or what do you like as a full circle in general. Additionally I will describe how the circle could “change the color” according to the increased values.

Standard Full Circle Indicator Example:

Color Changing Full Circle Indicator Example:

Basic Principle

Due to missing direct instrument (at the moment - Jan 2018) for “growing” a circle from 0 to 360 degree, a simulation of such a process is needed. In this case I use “half circles” element to reach this as follow:

Easy Example for Steps

Let say I wish to have a watch face, were I could see my steps progress during the day. I am a lazy computer guy, therefore a limit of max 3000 steps is the best for me :wink:

According to the picture in the top I will need 3 “half circle” element. Lets call it “COVER”, “GREEN A” and “GREEN B”. Super useful is to have one “half circle” picture in white - because you could just copy it three times and the color you could change every time in the FACER CREATOR.

COVER Element

The COVER “half circle” has the same color as the background - black in this example. Rotation Zero. The only one function of this element is to hide the “growing” green parts A and B. Let set the “working time” of this at Transparency field:


GREEN A Element

Now, this little guy is rotating with the growing steps up to 1500 steps (half of my daily goal) and then it should just stop and stay (to cover the “right” circle side). This is easy to manage in the Rotation:


Where the ((#ZSC#/3000)*360) is the relation between 3000 steps goal and the degree of rotation. After 1500 steps are reached, the element stops (at 180 degree).

GREEN B Element

This twin element is running the same speed, the difference is only the “stop time”. In this case 3000 steps and the 360 degree position.


The same “programming” algorithm could be use for almost everything you you would like to visualize as a full circle graphic.

Additional Color Circles

Lets imagine, that there are also days, where I need to walk more than 3000 steps :walking: and I would really like to see this immediately at my watch face in a special color.

Good news is that I already have everything I need up to 3000 steps. So I will just add new color elements and some adapted expressions.

BLUE A Element

Please be sure, that the “BLUE A” element (the first one) is placed in a lower priority as the GREEN B element. Rotation speed is the same, let’s adapt it equal to higher step content:

Rotation: $#ZSC#<=7500?((#ZSC#/3000)*360):180$

Transparency: $#ZSC#>6000?100:0$

BLUE B Element

This element should also appears later on and turn up to the proper position:

Rotation: $#ZSC#<=6000?((#ZSC#/3000)*360):360$

Transparency: $#ZSC#>4500?100:0$

…and so on, if you wish to have more and more colors.


Watch Face Example with 4 Color Circles to sync / download:

The same Wach Face in the Inspection Mode.


Great Tutorial! I am impressed.

I followed this fantastic tutorial for my Big Sport watches and discovered that the GreenB element pops-up full-circle after half goal (1500steps) and I looked deep and I think rotation for the GreenB element has to be
Is that ok or I missed something?


Hi @carlosfilippa, thanks for finding a mistake. You are right - I will correct it in seconds. (This parts are hard to test for my - because I do app 2000 steps a day only - @eradicator09 - some of you know it :slight_smile: )

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I’m sorry, somehow I can not edit this post any more… (?)

Great tutorial, but Facer needs to improve. Considering that most of the supported watches are circular the lack of support for circular and arc functions is an issue.

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Thanks to @cth4242, who found a mistake in the formula for

GREEN B Element.
Please use


instead of


I have made a couple of simple faces and put a battery indicator as a ring that runs along the outside edge of the watch on one and another closer to the center of the watch. It shows up fine on the creator and when I go to look at in the timepiece mode online, but it doesn’t seem to show up on the actual watch when I send it.
I am sending the link to the face here. If you get a chance, take a look and give me your thoughts. I cannot seem to figure it out.