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I was curious who are the most popular designers at Facer and how do they develop in a period of time. So I checked all of the “Featured Designers” according to the android app one month ago (at January 16, 2018) to see the ranking. It was a real hard job to check manually step by step all 44 designers. Additionally to the followers I wrote down also the number of their watch faces (however only at the most popular creators).

Today (one month later) I compare the numbers and the results were very interesting for me. So I was thinking maybe you are curious too :wink:

TOP 10 Popular Featured Designers According to the Followers

You see the 10 designers with most followers at Facer and next closed designer “Predator”, who could possibly reach the Top 10 soon. The full mane of “Tactwo” is “TACTWO TACTICAL” and "Timeless… " designer is “Timeless Watch Faces” it was just to long name for graphic.

Number of Watch Faces of the TOP 10 Popular Featured Designers

Well here are the differences tremendous. While the designer house of MVMT hat only 3 (!) watch faces in total to choose from, the G7 Designer offers you almost 500 different watch faces. The last month production of new designs ranged from -1 at wutronic up to 16 new watch faces from G7 (and even 24 new watch faces from Predator).

If you would like to see my “raw statistic data” of all 44 designers (from January 16, 2018 and partly from today February 16, 2018) here are they - please just click to zoom :mag_right: .



Congratulations to @TAC2TAC and the rest of the designers! this type of information is very valuable to understand where one is standing, @Tomas I applaud your work and I want more! I always said that premium designers should have a lot of statistical information from our buyers, for example, who choose? when they do it? which days of the month are the best selling? What kind of design do you look for? because they buy more one another? What features are you currently looking for? the best-selling collections are those with 10 faces, those with 20 faces or those with x quantity? Which watch models are most used to synchronize? Android, tizen? Which countries are the biggest consumers? and I can continue all day with examples! I think @Facer_Official should share that information with us, not to create a war between designers, but to be able to project the new releases in a better way by offering high quality products according to the users!

really great job, keep it up!

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@GRR I am entirely of your opinion - more options for evaluating syncs and sales would be fantastic. A big thank you to Tomas @Tomas - great job!!!

Well, I do not know what kind of statistic date are provided to premium designers. However, if there is a chance to increase those, I am sure that also @Facer_Official would be open for this. The profit of such detailed statistical date (as @GRR and @TAC2TAC mentioned) is, from my point of view, clearly on every side:

1 - User & customer will get (more) accurate watch faces (design & functions) in the time, when she/ he is searching for

2 - Designers could prepare (incl. timing) the watch faces more specific to get more syncs (and sales)

3 - Facer would have more satisfied users, customers & designers as well higher turn over

Maybe, one possible (limited) disadvantage I could imagine would be the leak of those statistic date to competition. However, do to the user/ customers structure and a lot of premium designers I could hardly visualize that this would be (even in the worst case) stronger, than the positive effects.

Growth Hacking: Tomas great work, I’m currently working on a project and researching ‘growth hacks’ (an unfortunate name in my opinion, I prefer to call it ‘Growth Science’ or ‘Customer Insights’). As a "Premium Designer’ customer insights would help each of us maximise our customer growth. At the moment as a designer our customer insights are based on what we learn individually from our faces that are ‘featured’. I’ve been lucky enough to have several faces glued to the site for several weeks now, an example is “Segment IV”, featured in the Health and wellness heading. I thought it would be more successful but it has only 33 purchases, is this good, bad or average, how would I know?):

And here’s the sync data for this face:

By studying the faces the are ‘featured’ and their placement in the APP I make assumptions as to what are best sellers and @TAC2TAC, @GRR and Predators feature regularly, have glued on placement and featured SERIES, they are also really great designs so their success is no surprise. Following the Instagram feed can also provide some insights, @GRR is often featured (rightly so), I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of mine will be too :slight_smile: Another of my own faces that was ‘featured’ over the festive season was ‘Red December’ (renamed Red Digital after the festive season):
Hayden - Red Digital - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
Here are the sync stats:

It was featured for about ten days but achieved much more success, it also only took 30 minutes to design. Bottom line is that downloads are exponentially increased when a face is ‘featured’, more customer metrics and general data would be invaluable in helping us design desirable faces and pushing up the download success.
Thanks again Tomas keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing your detailed experiences @hayden . Everybody could learn from such a discussion something more. In my opinion, there are basically 3+1 influence factors for successful watch face:

1 - Design

2 - Attractiveness for User/ Customer

3 - Facer Support "featured"

4 - Brand (Designer Reputation & Popularity)

The question is, how is the proportion and how strong are the separated influence factors. I did not analyse it up to now according to my statistic data, but my feeling after producing more than 150 watch faces (25+ have been featured) in last 5 month could be assumed as follow.

The most important thing of all is the Attractiveness for User/ Customer. It is nice to be “featured” and it always brings some more syncs, but if the User/ Customer do not accept the Design - it’s gone anyway.

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